Sunday, August 14, 2016

Baseball and Softball - a Galaxy Far Far Away

Many moons ago in a galaxy far far away my dear friend Don Rice went to a spot at Gepps Cross and planted the first sod of grass for what could have been a dedicated Baseball Stadium in South Australia. That site is now a Woolworths Bulk Store surrounded by The Croatian Community Club, a splendid facility, a Velodrome and Hockey SA. For reasons well documented in legend we did not complete the deal struck with the Government. In 1996 we were well advanced in negotiations with Government to make Thebarton Oval our home ground. Regrettably, the ground was owned by the Town of Thebarton who handed the facility to West Adelaide Hellas.

The Chunichi Dragons were well primed to become a major supporter of our game in South Australia with large economic benefits to our great game and the State. I personally remain convinced that these opportunities remain very much on foot and call on the ABF, the ABL and Baseball SA and for that matter Softball SA to start thinking how to bring in the big money required from Overseas to get our home up to scratch.

Yep, the Adelaide Bite are on the move to West Beach and Diamond Sports Park and the howl of dismay rises again. Seriously people the Government,  despite our best attempts to really piss them off again, has said here you go Boys and Girls we have chucked $4 million at you to make this your home. I am also pretty certain that the State Government has or will chuck us a bit more cash to start making those steps necessary to achieve our goals.

A new dawn is with us we have a surface, we have lighting, we have a great indoor training facility and we really do have it, it is ours! 

It is time to stop whining, it is time to get behind the venue and show the world we have a home, with a home run fence that is not the joke of the league, that had us recognised globally as a shit facility. We have a home, a home we can make great over time, a home that can be the birth place of our legends of the future. 

Unless you have $15 to $20 million to pay for a better solution stop complaining and start supporting. West Beach is our home.

Baseball, Softball is back in the Olympics in 2020, let's make sure Australia and South Australia bat above its weight and get on board with Diamond Sports Park and Bennett Field. 

GO BITE!!!!!

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