Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Fifty Fifty Vote

Until the Politicians of this Country actually listen to the people, rather than the faceless bureaucrats, unless we can see a plan and the strength of leadership to deliver it, then we shall face this fifty fifty nightmare over and over again. 

Australians are demanding that our Government looks after us first and the rest of the World second. We shall continue to have a fifty fifty vote and listening to the commentators pontificating on how dumb the electorate are, versus how pathetic our leadership is. 

It is not the people at fault here, it is the pathetic pontification of people whom believe they are our leaders.

Seriously disappointed in the lack of reality I am hearing across all of the Politicians and Commentators. Get out here and talk to the people of Australia. Make a clear plan and sell its benefits to the electorate instead of this "thought bubble policy making" experience we are enduring.

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