Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Broken Promises

Our newest political commentator Peta Credlin is clearly still suffering a severe case of sour grapes.

The continued attack on Prime Minister Turnbull can only be seen as misuse of journalistic power in my humble opinion. As Tony Abbott's Chief of Staff, the only Chief of Staff I can remember sitting in the House alongside her boss, the power she seems to have been able to wield as non-elected employee, I find quite terrifying.

The election promises broken by Abbott, the "Captain's Decisions", created a sense of no trust from the electorate. Malcolm Turnbull and the Party "brains trust" completely underestimated that shift and the time and methodology of regaining the faith of the Australian Electorate. They simply were not listening and the arrogance displayed in taking us to a Double Dissolution election reprehensible.

Medicare, it did become an issue, not because of a really stupid SMS campaign (I never got one), but because of the "perceived" continued attack on the little guy and the aged.

The submarines in SA pretty much wrecked the Liberal Party and the incredible effort of Christopher Pyne and others behind the scenes is the only reason it recovered at all.

Peta Credlin, Politicians generally; stop with this selfish rhetoric, engage with and listen to the people you represent and serve with an open heart and mission to look after the people you represent. All we are seeing is a group of Politicians crying over the disaster that is their personal self serving goals and ambitions.

Show us genuine leadership for Australia in it's entirety and yeah even if that means you have to sell us some tough love.

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