Thursday, March 10, 2016

Locusts - time for a Cold Snap

We really are a naive, sanctimonious bunch of Locusts, eating and destroying everything in our path until that cold snap wipes us out. Gaia, it is time for an Ice Age.

Over our lives it seems basic need to dominate and be powerful, to rule over others, to destroy others in that rush of ego and sheer selfish greed.

Over our lives our great leaders ultimately have erred on the side of being murderous, selfish ego maniacs whom simply want to crush anyone and everyone who dares get in their way.

Julius Caeser 
Genghis Khan
Alexander the Great
Etc etc etc

The great colonists of the world whom have simply been seeking wealth to line the pockets of their mentors in the name of discovery.

The Conquistadors of Spain
The colonialists of:
Great Britain
Etc etc etc

The religions of the World whom impose their way on all of us as The Way, The Truth, The Light and have raped, pillaged, persecuted and straight out murdered in the name of their God.

Along the way we have seen some try, and no they have not necessarily been perfect in their journey but they have at least tried in the name of humanity. Their disciples are generally the ones whom have messed it up as they have interpreted the work of their peacemakers in a violent and despotic manner.

Etc etc etc

Politicians whom over time have led us in the name of doing their bit on behalf of the electorate and stroke their ego as to the wonderful job they are doing in governing the proletariate in a responsible manner. (Someone please tell me how building Ships in Spain, is good for the people of Australia - if each elected member does not stand up and ignore the Party Line - and overturn this stupid decision my faith in any of you is lost. Oops to late - it is lost already). Honestly party lines are simply an intolerable grab for power and selfish gain. Elected members whom do not stand for the good of their people,those who ticked the box, are just charlatans and thieves. 

The human race is a very sorry excuse of life - a pack of wolves has a greater sense of family and unity than Homo sapiens.

You know the fundamental part of our lives unfortunately centres on greed and self preservation, not many, if any of us has have any sense of real compassion, empathy or living for the Common good. We say we live for love - bullshit - love ultimately ends up as a love of self which merely breeds selfishness.

You know we watch our immigrants fleeing their own lands because their freedoms and basic rights to life are challenged. Why not stand and fight for those liberties. Then when they arrive on our shores the premise under which they left is forgotten and ignored and they whine and whinge that the liberties of their newly adopted home does not meet their requirements and we must change to suit their need, their requirement and in doing so challenge the way of life of those who are already here. Frankly, on one hand I get that as we are unable to embrace these people as equals, but on the other hand they want me to comply with their expectation. Selfishness, power, greed, domination of one over another is primarily the driving force.

It was International Women's Day this week as the cry for equality continues. Women are equals, a fact not yet adopted universally. On the other hand we want to be equal until we want to be acknowledged as Queens or Princesses, and if that does not happen we are going to lock ourselves in the bedroom and cry and sulk.

And as for the blokes you reckon by now evolution would have bred out the Neanderthal - eat, root and leave philosophy of eons ago.

Yep, Gaia time to do your stuff and start all over again. 

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