Sunday, October 2, 2016

It is time to stop the blame game!

The desire to lay blame is a human trait that needs to be lost. As we learn and gather knowledge and as we apply that knowledge so we learn more. When something goes wrong it is not a mistake, we just learned something we did not know or understand before. We did not deliberately make a mistake.
As global catastrophes on any scale or anywhere occur, it is not a case of pointing fingers or wagging of heads, it is a time of reflection, a time of learning and a time of adjustment and change.
The word accountability has become an excuse for why we finger point and blame the other guy for what happened.
The human mind is an amazing thing and has the power to reason, the power to grow.
You and I have lived in a period of technological advancement so great and so rapid it is almost overwhelming , it is a time of incredible knowledge.
So people let's stop blaming the other guy when things go wrong, let's simply acknowledge that each second and minute we learn, let's ask one thing of our Politicians, Scientists, business people, technologists and each other, take this new found knowledge and use it wisely for the betterment of mankind.
In doing that selflessly we may just find peace.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Honey the Elixir of Life

Over the years I have suffered Hayfever and Allergic Asthma. In the Spring and Autumn in particular this has been a longtime issue often ending in upper respiratory and bronchial infections.

A couple of years ago I was listening to Naturopath Jeanie Morella on radio tell me how great Natural Honey was for one's overall health. The list of benefits just seemed endless.

I wandered around to the Semaphore Health Food Store and picked up my first kilo of the Amber from Kangaroo Island and I have not stopped. Honey is about the only product that I know does not go off - it might candy up overtime as the natural sugars crystallise but that is easily fixed by popping the jar in some warm water.

You have to know whilst not completely cured as such, my symptoms have been greatly reduced, I have not visited a Doctor and the use of Asthma Medications is also greatly reduced. I can say I have not had a Cold in all of that time.

Why Kangaroo Island Natural Honey? Well Kangaroo Island is a Ligurian Bee Sanctuary and is recognised globally as the disease free home of this magnificent little critter.

Kangaroo Island is GM Free and has large areas of natural vegetation and I believe this enhances the magnificent quality of the product these little guys produce. I believe my allergies are heightened by Acacia, Melaleuca and some winter grass flowers. The natural processing of the nectars of these plants in honey in my opinion has increased the natural protection for me in the Histamine levels generated by the pollen of these flowers.

A good friend of mine and his family during the year started breeding Queen Bee Ligurians and producing their own Natural Honey, you can go check them out here LS Beez (just click the link). They made the huge decision to start their own venture in the last 12 months and have taken it on with a great deal of trepidation and enthusiasm.

I have naturally given their product a bit of a run and certainly the benefits to me and my health personally are in my opinion noticeable and all I can say is a teaspoon of honey two or three times a week maybe daily when I feel a bit "skitchy" in the throat has seen this old man survive seasons that have scared him to death for decades.

This year they entered their product in the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society Adelaide Show and proudly have taken out the 1st Place in the Light Amber Native Flora Class at this years judging.  Congratulations and please keep those little bees safe, well and working hard.

Honey - its good for you.

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Australia Day being celebrated on the 26th January acknowledging the arrival of Governor Philip and the First Fleet. A group of ships sent with Convicts to be exported by the landed gentry of our British forebears often for crimes so petty it makes one weep.

I am a proud Aussie, so let's get that out of the way right up front. I regret the horrendous acts our forefathers committed against the indigenous population of our Country. I can comprehend that the Aboriginal People of this country are also unhappy that we celebrate the day we confiscated their homeland and claimed it as our own.

So the Fremantle Council has taken a very bold step to seek an alternative. The hue and cry is ringing from the roof tops. 

I just ask, can we all stop and think about this with compassion and empathy. The events in AFL football even in the last week has highlighted a desire of our Community to become the “one mob” and Eddie Betts and Nic Naitanui fantastic your personal responses to situations, that our media would have us become raving antagonists, is magnificent.

We today are a nation of such diverse cultural blend, maybe it is time to sit around the campfire and agree on a day that we can call as a celebration of our future, and yes let us have a new flag that can be truly a reflection of our dreaming of the future. 


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Baseball and Softball - a Galaxy Far Far Away

Many moons ago in a galaxy far far away my dear friend Don Rice went to a spot at Gepps Cross and planted the first sod of grass for what could have been a dedicated Baseball Stadium in South Australia. That site is now a Woolworths Bulk Store surrounded by The Croatian Community Club, a splendid facility, a Velodrome and Hockey SA. For reasons well documented in legend we did not complete the deal struck with the Government. In 1996 we were well advanced in negotiations with Government to make Thebarton Oval our home ground. Regrettably, the ground was owned by the Town of Thebarton who handed the facility to West Adelaide Hellas.

The Chunichi Dragons were well primed to become a major supporter of our game in South Australia with large economic benefits to our great game and the State. I personally remain convinced that these opportunities remain very much on foot and call on the ABF, the ABL and Baseball SA and for that matter Softball SA to start thinking how to bring in the big money required from Overseas to get our home up to scratch.

Yep, the Adelaide Bite are on the move to West Beach and Diamond Sports Park and the howl of dismay rises again. Seriously people the Government,  despite our best attempts to really piss them off again, has said here you go Boys and Girls we have chucked $4 million at you to make this your home. I am also pretty certain that the State Government has or will chuck us a bit more cash to start making those steps necessary to achieve our goals.

A new dawn is with us we have a surface, we have lighting, we have a great indoor training facility and we really do have it, it is ours! 

It is time to stop whining, it is time to get behind the venue and show the world we have a home, with a home run fence that is not the joke of the league, that had us recognised globally as a shit facility. We have a home, a home we can make great over time, a home that can be the birth place of our legends of the future. 

Unless you have $15 to $20 million to pay for a better solution stop complaining and start supporting. West Beach is our home.

Baseball, Softball is back in the Olympics in 2020, let's make sure Australia and South Australia bat above its weight and get on board with Diamond Sports Park and Bennett Field. 

GO BITE!!!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - Operation K9

The Semaphore Port Adelaide Sub-Branch of the RSL have started a fundraising campaign to support the great work of 4 Paws K9 Care Packages in support of Operation K9.

Operation K9 is a joint programme of the RSL and The Royal Society for the Blind to train Assistance Dogs for Defence Force Veterans suffering PTSD.

It has taken Governments and the People of the world far too long to recognise the psychological effect of war, training for war, on our service men and women. The program is having a significant effect on sufferers of the dreadful condition and is well worth our support. 

The cost of training just one dog is in the order of $50k to $60k. Every dollar raised will go directly to supporting this project - please get on board and support this great initiative. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I am sad that we see it essential to actually think it is necessary for Australia to have someone in the running for the Top job at the UN.

Helen Clark for me, so lets support her for the job.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Nick Xenephon

I interviewed NicK Xenophon before the election.

It was interesting to listen back after the election.

Broken Promises

Our newest political commentator Peta Credlin is clearly still suffering a severe case of sour grapes.

The continued attack on Prime Minister Turnbull can only be seen as misuse of journalistic power in my humble opinion. As Tony Abbott's Chief of Staff, the only Chief of Staff I can remember sitting in the House alongside her boss, the power she seems to have been able to wield as non-elected employee, I find quite terrifying.

The election promises broken by Abbott, the "Captain's Decisions", created a sense of no trust from the electorate. Malcolm Turnbull and the Party "brains trust" completely underestimated that shift and the time and methodology of regaining the faith of the Australian Electorate. They simply were not listening and the arrogance displayed in taking us to a Double Dissolution election reprehensible.

Medicare, it did become an issue, not because of a really stupid SMS campaign (I never got one), but because of the "perceived" continued attack on the little guy and the aged.

The submarines in SA pretty much wrecked the Liberal Party and the incredible effort of Christopher Pyne and others behind the scenes is the only reason it recovered at all.

Peta Credlin, Politicians generally; stop with this selfish rhetoric, engage with and listen to the people you represent and serve with an open heart and mission to look after the people you represent. All we are seeing is a group of Politicians crying over the disaster that is their personal self serving goals and ambitions.

Show us genuine leadership for Australia in it's entirety and yeah even if that means you have to sell us some tough love.

Saturday, July 2, 2016


1. When will a leader stand up and say "Australia I hear you"

2. When will a leader stand up and apologise for getting too far away from us the people of Australia.

3. When will they realise that whistle stop thought bubble policy announcements "if elected we will promise" is now understood to be nothing but a wicked old man trying to lure the kiddies to the darkness.

4. When will we ever hear a properly made plan that removes the bias to one selfish centre of influence or another, that delivers a plan for the common good.

5. All of you stop your mindless caterwauling, your pathetic attempts of needing to blame someone else. Stand up and take some responsibility for your own failure to serve this Nation, openly, honestly and with an even hand.

For God's sake lead.


We have endured "Captain's Decisions", threats to health, education and jobs, we have been denied the ability to love as we want, we take no consideration that we are polluting our atmosphere and environment. 

Today, Australia has demonstrated that we do not think that either of the major parties can deliver. Fifty percent have said they have no faith in one side and fifty percent have said they have no faith in the other. 

Tonight they each still pontificate and point aimlessly at the other guy in bewilderment. For God sake will a real leader stand up and give us faith in the strength and desire to defend and protect the basic elements of our lives.

Until then we can but ever see a system hopelessly divided.

The Fifty Fifty Vote

Until the Politicians of this Country actually listen to the people, rather than the faceless bureaucrats, unless we can see a plan and the strength of leadership to deliver it, then we shall face this fifty fifty nightmare over and over again. 

Australians are demanding that our Government looks after us first and the rest of the World second. We shall continue to have a fifty fifty vote and listening to the commentators pontificating on how dumb the electorate are, versus how pathetic our leadership is. 

It is not the people at fault here, it is the pathetic pontification of people whom believe they are our leaders.

Seriously disappointed in the lack of reality I am hearing across all of the Politicians and Commentators. Get out here and talk to the people of Australia. Make a clear plan and sell its benefits to the electorate instead of this "thought bubble policy making" experience we are enduring.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Locusts - time for a Cold Snap

We really are a naive, sanctimonious bunch of Locusts, eating and destroying everything in our path until that cold snap wipes us out. Gaia, it is time for an Ice Age.

Over our lives it seems basic need to dominate and be powerful, to rule over others, to destroy others in that rush of ego and sheer selfish greed.

Over our lives our great leaders ultimately have erred on the side of being murderous, selfish ego maniacs whom simply want to crush anyone and everyone who dares get in their way.

Julius Caeser 
Genghis Khan
Alexander the Great
Etc etc etc

The great colonists of the world whom have simply been seeking wealth to line the pockets of their mentors in the name of discovery.

The Conquistadors of Spain
The colonialists of:
Great Britain
Etc etc etc

The religions of the World whom impose their way on all of us as The Way, The Truth, The Light and have raped, pillaged, persecuted and straight out murdered in the name of their God.

Along the way we have seen some try, and no they have not necessarily been perfect in their journey but they have at least tried in the name of humanity. Their disciples are generally the ones whom have messed it up as they have interpreted the work of their peacemakers in a violent and despotic manner.

Etc etc etc

Politicians whom over time have led us in the name of doing their bit on behalf of the electorate and stroke their ego as to the wonderful job they are doing in governing the proletariate in a responsible manner. (Someone please tell me how building Ships in Spain, is good for the people of Australia - if each elected member does not stand up and ignore the Party Line - and overturn this stupid decision my faith in any of you is lost. Oops to late - it is lost already). Honestly party lines are simply an intolerable grab for power and selfish gain. Elected members whom do not stand for the good of their people,those who ticked the box, are just charlatans and thieves. 

The human race is a very sorry excuse of life - a pack of wolves has a greater sense of family and unity than Homo sapiens.

You know the fundamental part of our lives unfortunately centres on greed and self preservation, not many, if any of us has have any sense of real compassion, empathy or living for the Common good. We say we live for love - bullshit - love ultimately ends up as a love of self which merely breeds selfishness.

You know we watch our immigrants fleeing their own lands because their freedoms and basic rights to life are challenged. Why not stand and fight for those liberties. Then when they arrive on our shores the premise under which they left is forgotten and ignored and they whine and whinge that the liberties of their newly adopted home does not meet their requirements and we must change to suit their need, their requirement and in doing so challenge the way of life of those who are already here. Frankly, on one hand I get that as we are unable to embrace these people as equals, but on the other hand they want me to comply with their expectation. Selfishness, power, greed, domination of one over another is primarily the driving force.

It was International Women's Day this week as the cry for equality continues. Women are equals, a fact not yet adopted universally. On the other hand we want to be equal until we want to be acknowledged as Queens or Princesses, and if that does not happen we are going to lock ourselves in the bedroom and cry and sulk.

And as for the blokes you reckon by now evolution would have bred out the Neanderthal - eat, root and leave philosophy of eons ago.

Yep, Gaia time to do your stuff and start all over again.