Thursday, November 27, 2014


To all of my friends in the United States may I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. In this country we are sometimes critical of US holidays and of course Christmas in this country is our big Family celebration.

You have to know I like the idea of Thanksgiving. The time to stop, reflect with no other reason but simply being thankful sound pretty good to me.

Firstly I am thankful for my family, the very essence of my journey, the pride I have in my kids simply cannot be measured, the love I have suffocating. To my friends who actually understand this complex bucket of bolts, thank you for sticking by me, no matter what, thank you each and everyone of you.

And to all of my friends in North America, thank you for this wonderful tradition and thank you for being my friend.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


I am tired of Politicians firing well worn barbs at each other across the respective Houses of Parliament and blaming each other for the mess. The fact of the matter is that Departmentally we seem not able to properly Manage the business of Government. 

We constantly hide behind a glib wave of the hand and "oh that is just the way Government works". Well clearly it is not working as the Management of Government is so bogged down in reports and studies, that clearly have not achieved their objective because we still have projects that fail or blow budgets out of the water. The inefficiency of bureaucracy seems to be glibly dismissed as either un-fixable or some kind of crazy accepted norm.

Please stop this ridiculous blame game and stupid finger pointing nonsense that goes on in the various Chambers of Parliament and come up with some kind of unilateral push to just get it right.