Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Too Late The Hero - The Story of a Journeyman

PlanB an Australian Band that like so many Bands has been on a Journey since the 1980's and today is happy to take their music to the world.

The Current Line Up :

Vocals/Guitar - Brett Monten
Lead Guitar/Vocals - John Mulholland
Bass Guitar/Vocals - Peter Flierl
Drums - Lachi Smith
Keyboards - Adrian Miller
Trombone - Patrick Stapleton
Trumpet - Rob Williams
Flugelhorn/Trumpet - Cameron Smith

The man behind the band and the Composer of the Music is Peter Flierl and he makes no secret of the fact that his music has been influenced by the big sound of "Dexys Midnight Runners". You have to agree putting that big brass sound up there on stage really adds some "bang for your buck" or maybe I am just a sucker for a Flugelhorn. I have to admit some of my favourite music comes from those bands with the brass.

Peter, the  journeyman, whom not only has been the journey of PlanB but by way of employment has spent a large part of his life living and working in Asia and the Middle East. To my ear there is a distinct influence of the local music on the sound that has been created in each of his songs on this album. Peter is the Composer and the song titles are very indicative of the journey as well, So Saigon, Southern Delta and of course Maggie's, a story of a bar of ill repute. Then of course there is Images, featuring the beautiful voice of Samira Saunders, and to me the distinct influence of the middle east is enhanced by the violin of Peter Tuske.

"Too Late the Hero" is a chronicle of the journey and is compilation of Peter's Music down through time. It was about time they put this album together. In putting the album together band members Brett Monten, Patrick Stapleton and Rob Williams all collaborated in the final arrangement. Like all good bands, when you hit the studio or rehearsal room everyone adds their 'two bobs' worth. The result magnificent.

In some ways the album also is an experiment in its own right, as the new mix of some older songs continues the journey, even to the inclusion of a little bit of rap in the Track 12 remix of Call Me (featuring Rock with Korshun)

The band these days takes its music to Asia with tours to Vietnam, Cambodia and China, but hey they are local boys producing a great sound and this album is well worth adding to your collection of great music.

I recently interviewed Peter on WOWfm 100.5 you can replay the interview here -

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