Monday, November 18, 2013

Courtney Robb following the Trend - not on your sweet bippy

The lovely Courtney Robb has recently released a new single "Circles". Just last week the video was also released in a special event at the Grace Emily here in Adelaide.

Courtney continues to generate great music and Circles is no exception. As a songwriter she continues to deliver it just as she sees it and Circles is exactly that, in your face lyrics but absolutely spot on. Courtney is more than all of the things she writes about, she is not just a great lady, mother, songwriter and singer, she is Courtney Robb.

The song is really good and gets you in straight up and I just love the Ukelele. Based on the audience reaction each time I have seen the song performed live I have no doubt you will enjoy.

The video has been produced by another accomplished Adelaide Musician, Singer and Songwriter, Ben Searcy and captures the spirit of the lyrics very well.

The song will probably not get the airplay it deserves until perhaps a "radio mix" is created. It is sure worth a listen and a trip to to find out a whole lot more about this lady whom is definitely more than the trend.

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