Wednesday, November 13, 2013


In the last twenty four hours we have seen the Coach of The Adelaide Bite have his contract terminated. Yes, that is unusual and a bit sad really.

The decision to appoint Charles Aliano I am sure was made with all the right intentions and, for whatever reason, it has been decided that the relationship is unworkable. In any of these situations there are as always at least two sides to the story. Quite frankly the details have little to do with us as players, fans and supporters; the decision is made and there will be an announcement very soon on whom will be the new man in the chair. Despite all of this, the supposition and finger pointing will go on - ok your sixty seconds is up - move on.

Ultimately the decision making process will be reviewed internally and the appropriate changes to process considered and made.

This weekend, against the Melbourne Aces, it is my understanding that General Manager Nathan Davison will assume the on field management role and that the new coach will take the  reins thereafter.

For the good of our great game we must accept the decision and all parties will hopefully shake hands and move on, as one chapter closes and another opens. I say thank you Charlie for the time you have committed to the Bite and look forward to following your career wherever it may lead.

The Players and Supporters of The Adelaide Bite - well we take on The Melbourne Aces and it is up to each and everyone of us to give it our very best shot in whatever role we play in this great game to come home WINNERS

*****GO BITE*****

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