Saturday, November 30, 2013

Three Nights of Winning keeps the Knight record Intact

Well there you go, Brooke Knight described as the "winningest" Manager in the ABL keeps the ball rolling.

The Adelaide Bite have swept the Brisbane Bandits in the 3 game Hometown Series with a 4-0, 2-0 and 8-4 win record over the Thursday, Friday and Saturday head to head.

Starting Pitchers Brueggeman, Holman and Holovach continue to impress and the bats just kept on keeping on. Ben Lodge, Joe Sclafani and Chris Jacobs sit on top of the Adelaide Batting stats but the averages look pretty good way down the list.

The man leading the Bite Home Run Stats, James Baldwin (two Home runs) also is leading the way with 10 RBI's

The Adelaide Bite in only it's second Home town series this year seem to have responded well to Knights presence and were looking pretty sharp. Rick Knapp from the LA Dodger organisation has provided strong direction in the Bullpen, with a pen that this year provides plenty of options.

There is still a whole lot of season to come but Bite Fans time to get behind your side, with a .500 win loss the job is far from done but hey the Knight is looking a whole lot brighter.

I interviewed Brooke on the eve of the series - have a listen it gives a pretty good insight to the man at the top.

Friday, November 29, 2013

MS Mud Run

It seems appropriate on the Eve of the Bernie Lewis Mud Run just to say well done in all your efforts in the lead up, best of luck on the day and hey Go and Get Dirty.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Yesterday I was very privileged to be involved in the Way Out West Broadcasters Inc (WOWfm100.5) Outside Broadcast at the Semaphore Mainstreet Fair on Semaphore Road in South Australia.

It just proved to me what a great team we have at WOW, and it is not just about those people who were on site yesterday. Each and every presenter,volunteer and supporter contributes to what our little Community Station represents. Yesterday, we went batting way out of our league, or so we may have thought as the day drew closer. We presented a program that went to air professionally and did what we set out to do, entertained our on-air audience and entertained and engaged our audience in the street.

People were wandering up and telling us how much they enjoyed our station and were recognising the shows they listened to regularly during the week. It only told me that we have a team that takes pride in their presentation every time they flip the mike open on their respective programs. A Technical team that gives us the gear to be able to present this program and a loyal group of volunteers, supporters and listeners.

The day could not have happened if it were not for Station Supporter Jim Papageorgiou and his team at Semaphore Health Foods Store, 56 Semaphore Road, Semaphore. Jim provided the marquis, tressles, chairs and sustenance during the day. We could not have had a better venue for our broadcast position, right on the Corner of Military Road and Semaphore Road. A very big thank you to you.

Hey, I know I had a great day yesterday and am very proud to be allowed to be part of a team of great people at:-

We very successfully took Community Radio right to the Community yesterday. Thank you.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Canberra Cavalry are Playing off for the Asia Series Championship.

Tonight 9pm (AEST) the Canberra Cavalry take on the Uni-President Lions at the Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium in Taiwan for the Asia Series Championship.

Being last years Premiers in The Australian Baseball League Claxton Shield Competition they have won the right to be part of this impressive play off Championship. To this point they have made history for an Australian side playing in the series. Tonight the crown is at stake.

Tonight we put down all of the politics and emotion of our local competition and cheer on the team from the Australian Capital. The fact they are in the playoff has done so much for Australian Baseball on the world stage a win will just cap it off. 

You can watch it on the Internet tonight from this link on The ABL Site - it carries the local television broadcast with Canberra Cavalry "tragic" Chris Coleman broadcasting and english speaking voice over.

Chris (all around Good Guy) who presents the ABC Grandstand program "Strike Zone" is travelling with the team and is bringing live commentary via MixLR. It is pretty good coverage and certainly allows us all to join in.

So if you want to help Baseball in this country climb back to it's rightful position on the world stage it is as simple as clicking on THIS BUTTON later this evening and "BAM" there you will be, best seats in the house at Taichung.

So Canberra Cavalry let's go.....You carry Australia's hopes tonight!

I reckon the good Doctor Grace would be turning in his grave.

With the recent inflammatory statements from  English (South African) Cricketer Kevin Pietersen one wonders what the great W. G. Grace would be thinking.

Now you have to know I have become cynical enough, that with the desperate bid for 'bums' on seats and a viewing audience, the PR machine not only condones these ridiculous statements from the so-called personalities of the game, it actually writes the script.

Competition for the spectator and advertising dollar has grown so great that you have to keep the game on the front page of the press no-matter what. However, as we get down to mundane statements best left for the weigh-in rhetoric of prize fighters does this really do the game justice.

Outrageous comments such as this ultimately lead to stupid drunken behaviour at games as alcohol induced emotions run high.

Hey, the game had to change and World Series Cricket at least forced the "establishment" to take note and that players who were being required to play more and more cricket needed rewards commensurate with skill and time committed.

The spiral into sensationalistic headline grabbing advertising and promotion I fear will only see the games stature compromised. I fear we will not be happy until we have seen standards lowered to the extent of green,gold,red, white and blue smoke flares being let off in crowds in the fashion of Soccer hooliganism  then we shall sit in our boardroom looking over our glasses with a fearful volume of "tut tutting" emanating from around the table.

The game is "professional" - please ensure that it stays that way.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Courtney Robb following the Trend - not on your sweet bippy

The lovely Courtney Robb has recently released a new single "Circles". Just last week the video was also released in a special event at the Grace Emily here in Adelaide.

Courtney continues to generate great music and Circles is no exception. As a songwriter she continues to deliver it just as she sees it and Circles is exactly that, in your face lyrics but absolutely spot on. Courtney is more than all of the things she writes about, she is not just a great lady, mother, songwriter and singer, she is Courtney Robb.

The song is really good and gets you in straight up and I just love the Ukelele. Based on the audience reaction each time I have seen the song performed live I have no doubt you will enjoy.

The video has been produced by another accomplished Adelaide Musician, Singer and Songwriter, Ben Searcy and captures the spirit of the lyrics very well.

The song will probably not get the airplay it deserves until perhaps a "radio mix" is created. It is sure worth a listen and a trip to to find out a whole lot more about this lady whom is definitely more than the trend.

Sue Tomlinson - Softball Australia Hall Of Fame Inductee

It was announced yesterday the Sue Tomlinson (Tommy) is to be inducted into the Softball Australia Hall of Fame. What and honour and what a deserving recipient of this accolade.

I have been looking around for some photos of Tommy and they are hard to find and in that alone you probably get a fairly good understanding of the lady.

When I first met Sue she was playing for the Torrens Valley Redsox. When they moved from the Adelaide Competition to the Hills Competition for a period of time Sue was not directly involved with a club choosing instead to concentrate on her Australian National commitments. These days she has gravitated to a great club The Walkerville Softball Club (and I am glad she has).

Sue does not beat her own drum, she is just there, always there. Her love of the game and passion to see the quality of our players continue to grow such that South Australia and indeed Australia continue to bat above its weight on the world stage is what she is all about. Tommy know matter what just keeps on keeping on.

Sue was involved in the Australian women’s team, the Aussie Spirit between 2003 – 2010.  She was the Team Manager for the Australian women’s team in 2003, 2004, 2005, including the 2004 Olympic Games.  Sue was then the Assistant Coach for the Australian Open Women’s team between 2006 – 2010, including two World Championships (2006, 2010) and one Olympic Games (2008).

When we were looking around for someone to join our Team for "The Old Ball Game" on WOWfm 100.5, Sue's name was put up and she took it on, probably feeling the same as us all - "What are we doing?" Well she is an integral part of that team and brings incredible experience and insight to the microphone and we are extremely pleased to have her on board. 

Tommy congratulations a well deserved acknowledgement of your commitment and passion to your beloved game of Softball. We are very proud of our team member - Sue Tomlinson.

Outside Broadcast Norwood Oval - WOWfm 100.5

Two other South Australians were also inducted and both are very deserving of their award. We acknowledge and congratulate them both on being awarded membership of the Hall of Fame.

Congratulations to :-

Simmone Morrow (SA)
Selected as the 192nd player to represent the Australian women’s team, Simmone player 288 games for her country between 1997-2008, retiring after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.  Throughout her career, Simmone competed at three Olympic Games (2000, 2004, 2008) and three World Championships (1998, 2002, 2006).

Neville Lawrance (SA)
Neville umpired internationally from 1995 – 2007. He was appointed as an umpire at the 1998 ISF Open Women’s World Championships and the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. Neville has contributed to the development of the sport through his work as the Director of Umpiring in South Australia.  He has held that position since 2001.  Neville has also been a member of the Softball Australia Member Recognition Committee since 2010.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

In My Home Town Butterflies are Free

A couple of months ago I wrote about my passion for music and being the Window to The Soul ( Music is definitely a window to the Soul of Susan Lily but it must be listened too as up close and personal as each of Susan's Songs is created. Then, and only then will you get to see the absolute beauty of Susan and her magnificent Music.

The album is called "Butterfly", and each and every track comes from the very heart of the shy little girl from Hay. Like so many kids brought up in the bush of Australia there is an accepting freedom of spirit that simply makes that person a complete and beautiful person, a wonderful friend and a buddy for life. In the same breath it makes that person vulnerable to the competitive opportunism that is almost second nature of those whom live in the city. Until you have been there, the "real bush" of this country I mean, a place of friendship, compassion, comfort, caring and unrelenting bloody hard work, it is a concept and way of life that frankly most people will not be able grasp.

Hay is a little country community pretty much halfway between Sydney and Adelaide. It sits on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River. It is a river that can deliver devastating floods and within a season become devastatingly dry. The region is/was primarily sheep grazing country and the fortunes of the region are dictated by the weather and can go from flood to drought almost as quick as you can say "Susan Lily". This is the stuff that binds a community together, that creates a "mateship" that is Australia.

Listen carefully to the words of "My Hometown" and "Miss You Much" and take the journey from the compulsory ride through the bush on your trail bike to the heartbreak of drought to the friends and family that mean so much.

"Got the Monkey of My Back" is the song that probably convinced Susan she could actually do this 'gig' - writing, performing and recording. When you watch her perform this song live, it kind of fits like that favourite pair of well worn boots and exudes the fun, warmth and comfort that goes with it. It is a lovely song of freedom and new adventure. It is easy for us all to relate as we recall that "Monkey" that we have all needed to shake off at some point in our lives.

The influence of Susan's home town is very much present in the tracks "My Hometown", "Miss You Much" (the homesick Susan) and "A Little Rain". The title track "Butterfly" is kind of the summary song embracing the words of the journey and the vision of the freedom of self as we dance like a "Butterfly" on the winds of life.

The album also has that little bit of tongue in cheek with the song "You Only Kiss Me When You're Drunk"; perhaps a commentary on the wonderful romantic ability of your average true blue "Aussie Bloke".

Hey the album is just a good listen from a great singer and songwriter if that is what you expect from your music. It is also a wonderful journey if you choose to let the songs embrace you.

Susan in "Butterfly" takes you to that place where life can just embrace, protect and love you, and I suspect that is all Susan Lily expects from life.

Do your self a favour track on over to CD Baby and enjoy this magnificent album from the girl from Hay who now calls Adelaide home.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's a Bright Knight for The Bite

Well it is certainly a very bright Knight for the The Adelaide Bite with the announcement that they will appoint one of the most successful profiles in Australian baseball as their manager. Brooke Knight is the man who took the Perth Heat to Claxton Shield premierships in 2010/11 and 2011/12. It was announced today that he would take the helm for Round 5, following Adelaide’s Round 4 bye.

Knight was the manager of the Perth Heat when they defeated The Adelaide Bite for the Shield in their 2010/11 campaign and backed it up with Victory over the Melbourne Aces in the following season.

“I am thrilled to take the next step in my career with such a talented roster and first-rate organisation as the Bite,” Knight said. “With the core group of men we have bolstering our lineup and pitching staff, I am confident we will have things heading in the right direction in no time in our pursuit of the Claxton Shield.”

Adelaide sits at 2-6 win/loss after the first two rounds of this ABL season having suffered two games of only one-run defeats. Kyle Brueggemann was the Round 2 Pitcher of the week with his complete-game shutout of the Heat on November 9th. Returning ABL Rookie of the Year Ben Lodge has been a force for the Bite batting .370 through his first eight games, ranking him eighth best in the league this season.

Knight has an impressive baseball background in Australia and the United States, including time playing professionally for the Milwaukee Brewers organization. Knight has coached the Corvallis (US) Knights of the collegiate-level West Coast League to three championships and is a four-time West Coast League coach of the year.

Knight is currently travelling with the ABL’s contingent at the 2013 Asia Series in Taichung, Taiwan.

As previously reported Adelaide General Manager Nathan Davison will manage the Bite for their three-game weekend against the Melbourne Aces.

Kevin Rudd

And so it is Kevin Michael Rudd has called his time in the House of Representatives a day. Having been elected as the Member for Griffith in 1998 he has held many positions in the Parliament of Australia including of course as the 26th and 28th Prime Minister.

In reading the tributes and some of the vitriolic rhetoric that has been poured on this man I simply say -  RESPECT.

It matters little now what anyone thinks of his effort in the house. Clearly his constituents were happy having him as their elected representative in the house. Clearly his party was happy to appoint him as our Prime Minister on two separate occasions.

As I have said before Historians will now deal with political life of Kevin Rudd and whether they deal with his reign favourably or otherwise is simply what the wordsmiths of time will say.

I say this, Kevin Rudd had the guts to enter public political life, he fought for what he believed was right. The electorate ultimately judged that performance.

I am reminded what former Lord Mayor of Adelaide The Right Honourable Jim Jarvis commented on at a Luncheon I attended at the Adelaide Town Hall. Presidents of the United States of America retain their title Mr President for life. He was jokingly saying that in his retirement should he not hold his title for life.

Whilst the comment was "marginally" tongue in cheek, the comment has merit. I believe that the respect that should be held for a Prime Minister of this country is undoubted. The average public person cannot even begin to comprehend the pressure of the top job. On that alone I say Thank You Mr Rudd for your service to Australia.

Even Julia Gillard had the courtesy to wish Kevin well for the future even though I believe, as I said in this article "Two Score and Twelve Years Ago", she will be sitting in the privacy of her home with that knowing little smirk on her face thinking well they finally got you too.

Kevin Rudd was never my favourite politician but to Mark Latham and other nay sayers all I can say is have some RESPECT.

Thanks Mr Rudd enjoy your next adventures whatever they may be.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


In the last twenty four hours we have seen the Coach of The Adelaide Bite have his contract terminated. Yes, that is unusual and a bit sad really.

The decision to appoint Charles Aliano I am sure was made with all the right intentions and, for whatever reason, it has been decided that the relationship is unworkable. In any of these situations there are as always at least two sides to the story. Quite frankly the details have little to do with us as players, fans and supporters; the decision is made and there will be an announcement very soon on whom will be the new man in the chair. Despite all of this, the supposition and finger pointing will go on - ok your sixty seconds is up - move on.

Ultimately the decision making process will be reviewed internally and the appropriate changes to process considered and made.

This weekend, against the Melbourne Aces, it is my understanding that General Manager Nathan Davison will assume the on field management role and that the new coach will take the  reins thereafter.

For the good of our great game we must accept the decision and all parties will hopefully shake hands and move on, as one chapter closes and another opens. I say thank you Charlie for the time you have committed to the Bite and look forward to following your career wherever it may lead.

The Players and Supporters of The Adelaide Bite - well we take on The Melbourne Aces and it is up to each and everyone of us to give it our very best shot in whatever role we play in this great game to come home WINNERS

*****GO BITE*****

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Too Late The Hero - The Story of a Journeyman

PlanB an Australian Band that like so many Bands has been on a Journey since the 1980's and today is happy to take their music to the world.

The Current Line Up :

Vocals/Guitar - Brett Monten
Lead Guitar/Vocals - John Mulholland
Bass Guitar/Vocals - Peter Flierl
Drums - Lachi Smith
Keyboards - Adrian Miller
Trombone - Patrick Stapleton
Trumpet - Rob Williams
Flugelhorn/Trumpet - Cameron Smith

The man behind the band and the Composer of the Music is Peter Flierl and he makes no secret of the fact that his music has been influenced by the big sound of "Dexys Midnight Runners". You have to agree putting that big brass sound up there on stage really adds some "bang for your buck" or maybe I am just a sucker for a Flugelhorn. I have to admit some of my favourite music comes from those bands with the brass.

Peter, the  journeyman, whom not only has been the journey of PlanB but by way of employment has spent a large part of his life living and working in Asia and the Middle East. To my ear there is a distinct influence of the local music on the sound that has been created in each of his songs on this album. Peter is the Composer and the song titles are very indicative of the journey as well, So Saigon, Southern Delta and of course Maggie's, a story of a bar of ill repute. Then of course there is Images, featuring the beautiful voice of Samira Saunders, and to me the distinct influence of the middle east is enhanced by the violin of Peter Tuske.

"Too Late the Hero" is a chronicle of the journey and is compilation of Peter's Music down through time. It was about time they put this album together. In putting the album together band members Brett Monten, Patrick Stapleton and Rob Williams all collaborated in the final arrangement. Like all good bands, when you hit the studio or rehearsal room everyone adds their 'two bobs' worth. The result magnificent.

In some ways the album also is an experiment in its own right, as the new mix of some older songs continues the journey, even to the inclusion of a little bit of rap in the Track 12 remix of Call Me (featuring Rock with Korshun)

The band these days takes its music to Asia with tours to Vietnam, Cambodia and China, but hey they are local boys producing a great sound and this album is well worth adding to your collection of great music.

I recently interviewed Peter on WOWfm 100.5 you can replay the interview here -

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a neurodegenerative condition that affects the Central Nervous System. The body’s own immune system appears to attack the protective sheath of fatty protein, called myelin, which surrounds the nerves in the brain, spinal cord and the optic nerve. An attack results in inflammation and development of one or more lesions, resulting in scarring or sclerotic plaques, forming on the nerves. These lesions interfere with the nerve messages sent back and forward through the brain, and spinal cord.

Every person diagnosed with MS will experience it slightly differently, depending on the location, size and number of lesions formed, and the type of MS. For some, sensations are altered while others experience difficulty with muscle strength and movement. Lesions in the brain can affect a person’s capacity to process information, and affects their emotions.
Who can get MS? Absolutely anyone, it makes know difference who you are, you can just get it.
It is disease that we are slowly learning to understand and at this time have no known cure but by hell there are a lot of really good people working on it all the time. The signs of progress to a cure continue to improve but still the journey continues with no horizon for the answer.
My Journey of understanding started many years ago now, and at the time I new little or nothing about the disease. Vaguely new that Football personality Stan Wickham had it but had no idea what the disease was. That day so many years ago led me on a path where suddenly around me were good friends, workmates and so many acquaintances that had or were being affected by MS. There was no discrimination of whom or where and more importantly there was no answer to the question WHY?
I was involved with the board of MS SA and NT Division and very privileged to be part of the inaugural MS Australia Board and my learning curve was huge. Then there it was MS was part of my family life and the journey got personal. Yes MS is a dirty word.
Enough. What can you, what can we do about it? People with MS want a cure, in the words of a well known meerkat - "Simples".
You can get dirty for MS - The Bernie Lewis MS Mud Run is on again on the 1st December at the Urrbrae Agricultural College, 505 Fullarton Road Netherby SA. Get a team together - register BEFORE 29th November. If you are running as a team or just with friends, make your booking at the same time for everyone if you want to be sure you are allocated to the same wave of runners as your team or friends. You can run as a family so that Mum and Dad can help the kids over,under or through the obstacles - you know what the say - the Family that gets dirty together - well actually what do they say?

There is also the run for the seriously competitive obstacle course athletes who need to know the time and their place in the field. Registering in this group will see you "chipped" so that times can be recorded.
There is also the opportunity to dob in the Boss and have him or her run in the Big Cheese race as well.
The opportunity to help out doesn't stop there. Like any event for such a good cause it needs Volunteers - around 300 of them actually. So if getting really dirty doesn't appeal you can help out in so many roles on the day. 
How do you do this? Well get on line to the website and do your bit to help out with the never ending fundraising that is required to help out with providing services to people with MS and of course the journey to finding the cure.
Listen here to an interview I did with Renee Meredith the Communications Coordinator at MS SA and NT Division it fills in some of the Gaps
The most important thing is do your bit to help out by getting dirty for MS. If that doesn't appeal well just dig deep and make a donation at
You never know it might be the best thing you could do right now.