Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Parent's Nightmare

I cannot come to terms with this in any way shape or form. I did not know Chris Lane or his family personally but I am a Parent and Baseball has been my passion for the last thirty years.

The concept of a young man attending a college in the USA simply to better himself in life and innocently going about his daily routine gunned down by kids wanting to be “Billy Bob Badasses” as the local Police Chief described them.

Unfortunately it could have been anyone but this time it was someone from our community and the impact drives home like a knife to the heart. To contemplate the emotion of his family and close friends at this time is incomprehensible.

Anyone who can continue to stand in the way of gun control in the USA just continues to frustrate me – each and every day there is more damage done by irresponsible people being able to obtain weapons. Surely the safety of our community is entrusted to authorities trained to deal with the community at large. Stop the availability of weapons and whilst I know it may not be the end of it all it is a step to ensuring that we can venture into the street as safely as possible.

My condolences to the Family and Friends of Chris Lane – my heart aches for you and your loss.

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