Sunday, June 30, 2013

Gerry - you wonder why we shop online!

Dear Gerry,

Yesterday, the end of the Financial Year, I had the specific displeasure of attending one of your Harvey Norman Stores.

Now you would reckon that on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Adelaide - no Crows playing - no Port Power playing (everyone feeling good, their sides had won) and in fact a distinct lack of events around the beautiful metropolis of Adelaide that a few people might get out and about and may be even go shopping for those wonderful EOFYS bargains you have been advertising.

Small problem however, in the store which I attended there was only one cashier position open with over 30 people queued up, with a wide variety of purchases, some clearly quite large ticket items. Eventually a second position was opened but the gentlemen involved had limited knowledge of your cashiering process and appeared to be learning on the job and constantly interrupting the young lady on the other point to ask what to do now.

Now I ask you, would you be happy standing in the queue, is this a practice that you would be happy with. Of course I know the answer but I will give you a tip. Employ more good Australian Citizens, train them much better (you come from an era when cadetships and the like existed) and give the service that we the client so badly need.

You wonder why people shop on line - yesterday's experience justified it through and through. I have little sympathy for you and your cronies argument that online shopping is hurting you. Bring back the shopping experience and people will happily buy face to face - as someone said "build it and they will come".

There will be a little pain as you change but maybe the massive profit reporting may take a little hit while the shopper learns that they can again get that wonderful experience of service and guess what for bigger ticket items they will most certainly enjoy the experience of a professional sales person selling a quality product.

Stop whining about online shopping and bring back good old fashioned service.

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