Saturday, February 9, 2013

Steven Marshall - a breath of fresh air

Congratulations to the Liberal Party in South Australia. The appointment of Steven Marshall is a breath of fresh air that will finally clean out the stale smell in North Terrace. Not sure who came up with the Commission of Audit idea, but if it is yours Steven it is inspired. The need to go through the Public Service of South Australia and challenge the Departmental Kings in their Glass Palaces is absolutely essential. Unlike the guys across the Chamber, whose idea it is to take to the Public Service they built with a Machete, to actually look at each Department objectively and firstly challenge the Accountability of the current management structure. It is far too easy for Departmental Heads to protect their precious Head Counts with inaction and poor management skills. It is too easy to avoid making a decent (or any) decision by calling for yet another (preferred) consultant, whom is likely to be based overseas or interstate as a minimum, to ensure the need to travel regularly to carry out yet another study and expensively published report. There are good people in our Public Service, don't get me wrong, but they deserve strong management that will ensure that the productivity and delivery of service is above average. I am sure most would agree with me the South Australian Public Service needs it's people to be much more effective and delivering high quality services to their respective client base. Steven again congratulations, your ideas are progressive and I look forward to you taking your destined role as the Premier of this fine State. To the party factions get behind this man he will take you far.

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