Monday, February 11, 2013

So now we are running a book on who will be the New Pope

My God what are we coming to. The bookies are now running a book on who will become the most powerful Christian on Earth.

I have to say Gambling as comprehensive as it has become is destroying the moral fibre of Society. The sporting scandals that have unfolded over the past decade or so seem to ultimately have their roots in organised crime.

No sport has been exempt, Boxing,cricket,soccer,horse racing and even my beloved Baseball.

Following the Dog and Pony Show put on by ASADA and the major sporting bodies recently, whom have cast rather veiled and non-specific accusations over illegal activity, the involvement of drugs and organised crime even this country is not exempt.

We have sat and looked down our nose, wagged our heads and gnashed our teeth at transgressors overseas only to be found wanting in our own backyard.

The introduction of gambling on almost anything in my opinion has not only invited but promoted the involvement of criminal elements.

And now we are punting on the appointment of the new Pontiff.

Maybe Dan Brown's Angels and Demons was far more prophetic than we knew.

Clearly nothing is sacred in this world - not even The Bishop of Rome.

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