Monday, December 23, 2013

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

It matters little your belief or faith, the spirit of this holiday time is very clear - Peace, Love and Goodwill - a simple desire for our lives. 

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to my dear friends, you all mean so much to me. Your friendship, love and support is greatly appreciated. 

To my family - I can but say I am so proud of you all - it fills me with a warmth and love that is simply indescribable.

So a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all, please be safe over this holiday period. My love to you all.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Australia - Don Quixote or Dulcinea

Australia seems to be at a management cross road in my opinion. Our Parliamentarians are so busy worrying about the next election and winning their seat for the prescribed number of times to achieve their precious parliamentary pension that we continue dither around without making any genuine progress on any thing at all.

We have bureaucrats whom have become masterful at wandering around with a bundle of papers and very expensive reports and studies tucked under their arm and when challenged quickly throw the "probity" clause around their shoulders like some magical "cloak of invisibility". Actual serious progress based on any kind of long term view simply does not exist. They can easily duck this one as their Minister's are running agendas so myopic they simply cannot see anything beyond the next election. They equally answer to Ministers,whom become instant superstars in portfolios that quite simply in the main they have at best a cursory knowledge. Then of course we have such regular reshuffles of Government that no sooner does a Minister become a tad knowledgable we flick them into a new portfolio or out of the cabinet room door.

Then of course we have this wonderful belief in this country that anything we say on the World stage has such an amazing effect on the direction the major powers choose to take. Sometime we will realise that the mutterings that come from our leaders of our 23 millions souls has about the impact of the breeze rustling the trees.

But lets look closer as to how this delusion is affecting us so badly internally and I am not going to ratchet back too far with my examples. Paul Keating following his magnificent "Banana Republic" Statement managed to have Australia lead the world into Recession - "a recession that we had to have" - a recession that we could never ever lead the world out of. But there he was preening his Italian Suit and slapping himself on the back - "Orstralia you little bloody beaudy". Then of course we had Bernie in the chair over at The Reserve Bank. Here we had a man whom as we are told is not controlled by Government, he manages our money unfettered - so who does control The Reserve Bank?

On his watch we managed see interest rates so high that we had nose bleeds. The only thing that did was widen the gulf between the have's and have nots in this country sending so many businesses/employers and individuals to the wall that our landscape looked more like the killing fields than our beautiful Australian landscape.

We had already knocked the stuffing out of business in this country we made the next world leading move expecting that our influence would see a global adoption of this outstanding policy. Let's remove the tariffs - the world should now be on a level playing field - it seems a shame that our major competitors on the global stage seem to have missed that little pearl of wisdom. And so our bloodied and bowed manufacturing industries were finally decimated.

In amongst this one little pearl of wisdom actually worked and I was not all that in favour of it either. "Little Johnny and Toe Cutter Joe" introduced and pushed through the Financial Services Reform Act that forced our errant Financial Institutions to toe some sort of line of decency in its entrepreneurial dealings in the economy.

It worked well and if not for that I am sure we would have followed the World Mega Banks that ultimately led us to the global financial crisis. Global Governments were left dashing around propping up a banking system that had become so narcissistic they believed they were invincible.

Meanwhile in Orstralia our PM was trotting around like "Black Peter" dishing out little chunks of money like "lumps of coal". However the FSRA worked.

But after a couple of decades or so of mismanaging our little tiny economy here we sit on the precipice of failing business and massive unemployment in this country. Like Dulcinea we appear to be happy to sell ourselves to the highest bidder, but instead like Aldonza we end up crying in the corner of the room, the rape victim we are allowing ourselves to be. But wait Don Quixote de la Mancha will save the day.

Dulcinea del Toboso by Charles Robert Leslie

What to do, what to do, as we fly in ever decreasing circles? Well, like the Ooh Me Doodle Bird or the Oozlum Bird, depending on your point of reference, I fear we shall fly up our own fundamental orifice and very soon.

The "Guvment" should do this and they shouldn't do that, as we hear the various points of view from all corners. Like competing packs of Hounds at the Hunt we hear them baying there excited howling as the scent of the kill permeates their nostrils. To prop up the car industry or to not, to support Qantas or not, to build a new hospital or not, to shut down services at Modbury Hospital or not. To load up our over stretched central hospitals, because we have more bed days per patient than other states, who says their right etc etc etc.The list goes on "ad nauseum". 

To the pack who says Government should not assist business, I say that is foolhardy, as Australia would again be a world leader of Government not jumping into the breach to protect gainful employment of the population.

To the pack who says that Government should assist - well I believe this is true and falls in line with world practice. We do, however, seem to not place any kind of performance outcomes on this assistance.This oversight simply reinforces my opinion that our Government and Bureaucracy is simply as myopic as the Knight of The Woeful Countenance and simply not up to the job as we lurch from windmill to windmill.

The alternative is almost to painful to consider. As Julian Burnside published yesterday - "Mistake made by many liberal societies: believing that governments respect the law and act with good intentions. Not always true".

Perhaps our mistake is allowing Don Quixote to be our leader over and over again.

Faithful Sancho - where are you when we need you to clean up the mess he leaves behind - for that matter who will be our Sancho Panza?

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, 18th July 1918 – 5th December 2013

It was the 18th July 1994, my wife and I had arrived in London that very morning and had checked into The Royal Overseas League,Overseas House overlooking leafy Green Park in the magnificent St James area of London.

It was the evening of the Club's Weekly Cocktail party and as newly arrived guests we were invited. Appropriately attired we arrived and following the required toasts to the Queen and The Commonwealth an elderly couple whom had arrived from Cape Town by Cargo Vessel the same day (they were not much into flying, you know, old chap), proposed a toast to Nelson Mandela, being the new President's Birthday.

I admit it at the time I knew his name and not a lot more. The event held in what is probably is the last bastion of Queen and Commonwealth, for a naive little Aussie wide eyed in London, will hold an indelible place.

From that day The President of the New South Africa started a journey that will be one of the greatest stories of the history we are now writing. His ability to set aside the emotion he must have felt against his captors and to take the inner peace that he had found and turn it into one of the most powerfully motivating forces that this little blue marble has seen, probably ever.

Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman had wanted to capture the story of the Man and when Invictus was presented to them the decision was easy. The poem, we are told, Mandela found great comfort and solace and certainly, it would seem, allowed him the Peace of Mind to understand what must be upon his release from Prison.

I know one thing the movie, the poem, his writing and most importantly the man have had a significant affect on the way I now view the world. To have walked on this earth as a mere mortal and have had the blessing of observing one of mankind's true greats achieve what he has is just unbelievable. I can but pray that the journey and the plan he laid out for us all can be carried out to a truly positive lifelong outcome.

Tata - indeed he is - not just to a new nation but hopefully to a new world.

May Madiba rest in the peace he so justly deserves.

Below is my little tribute based on the poem and the Music of the Movie.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Day The Nodding Dog's Head Fell Off

From the day the announcement of the ASADA enquiry was made, with the football code CEO's and Ministers standing on the podium like good political nodding dog's, the whole thing has been just big waste of everybody's time and money.

We were told of Drugs, Criminal Involvement etc etc etc.........

Despite the confusion as to whether the "banned substances" were even on the ASADA list at the time, whilst listed on the WADA list, the 'wrong' doing seemed to have a lot of question marks surrounding it.

The simple answer at the time was - "You have been warned - the substances are now banned - get caught your gone". Far too much time spent looking over our shoulder than actually fixing the future.

But no, it had to go on and on and it seems the authorities needed to save face and today we have allegations of a deal to just make it go away. Very sad how the whole situation has been handled.

We have had allegations of match fixing in soccer and all of that seems to have vanished in the haze as well.

Between the lot of you it seems to me professional sport has become just a great big Hollywood performance. We the ordinary punter are being treated as "bunnies" and taken for a ride. All of this at what cost?

I just do not get the ineptitude displayed in this whole process and at what cost to us all. Get it together you guys, get it together.

Stay tuned for episode 4,003,221 of this sad story.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Eat, Shop, Play at Largs Bay

This coming Sunday 8th December Jetty Road Largs Bay will be closed to through traffic. Why do you ask?

Well the Traders of Jetty Road are having there own Street Fair from 12pm until 4pm and it is set to be a great day.

Largs Bay is sometimes that forgotten little treasure between Semaphore Beach and Outer Harbour. Those Treasures are set to go on display this week as the Traders allow the public of South Australia to enjoy the Village atmosphere that is Jetty Road.
Jetty Road

We all know the iconic Largs Pier Hotel whom have jumped in boots and all to support the weekend and along with the great energy from each of the Traders in the street it will welcome you all to Jetty Road.

Largs Pier Hotel

There will be Live music (Bands Hoy Hoy and The Fabulettes) and market stalls and all of the great stuff you would expect at a Street Fair, all that combined with the beautiful foreshore of Largs Bay. Head on down this Sunday from 12pm until 4pm, it should be a great day.

One cannot forget the kids Best Dressed Bike Contest with great prizes for the kids who come with their bikes looking great.
Kids Dress your Bike Up

I spoke with Joh Sherma a coordinator of the Street Fair as well as owner of the Kutumba just one of the great stores on Jetty Road. Let's not forget Ali's Lane and Queenies, but I must stop you need to head on down there and find out for yourself and have a great day.

Here is the interview that was done for WOWfm 100.5 Out and About with Jimbo.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Three Nights of Winning keeps the Knight record Intact

Well there you go, Brooke Knight described as the "winningest" Manager in the ABL keeps the ball rolling.

The Adelaide Bite have swept the Brisbane Bandits in the 3 game Hometown Series with a 4-0, 2-0 and 8-4 win record over the Thursday, Friday and Saturday head to head.

Starting Pitchers Brueggeman, Holman and Holovach continue to impress and the bats just kept on keeping on. Ben Lodge, Joe Sclafani and Chris Jacobs sit on top of the Adelaide Batting stats but the averages look pretty good way down the list.

The man leading the Bite Home Run Stats, James Baldwin (two Home runs) also is leading the way with 10 RBI's

The Adelaide Bite in only it's second Home town series this year seem to have responded well to Knights presence and were looking pretty sharp. Rick Knapp from the LA Dodger organisation has provided strong direction in the Bullpen, with a pen that this year provides plenty of options.

There is still a whole lot of season to come but Bite Fans time to get behind your side, with a .500 win loss the job is far from done but hey the Knight is looking a whole lot brighter.

I interviewed Brooke on the eve of the series - have a listen it gives a pretty good insight to the man at the top.

Friday, November 29, 2013

MS Mud Run

It seems appropriate on the Eve of the Bernie Lewis Mud Run just to say well done in all your efforts in the lead up, best of luck on the day and hey Go and Get Dirty.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Yesterday I was very privileged to be involved in the Way Out West Broadcasters Inc (WOWfm100.5) Outside Broadcast at the Semaphore Mainstreet Fair on Semaphore Road in South Australia.

It just proved to me what a great team we have at WOW, and it is not just about those people who were on site yesterday. Each and every presenter,volunteer and supporter contributes to what our little Community Station represents. Yesterday, we went batting way out of our league, or so we may have thought as the day drew closer. We presented a program that went to air professionally and did what we set out to do, entertained our on-air audience and entertained and engaged our audience in the street.

People were wandering up and telling us how much they enjoyed our station and were recognising the shows they listened to regularly during the week. It only told me that we have a team that takes pride in their presentation every time they flip the mike open on their respective programs. A Technical team that gives us the gear to be able to present this program and a loyal group of volunteers, supporters and listeners.

The day could not have happened if it were not for Station Supporter Jim Papageorgiou and his team at Semaphore Health Foods Store, 56 Semaphore Road, Semaphore. Jim provided the marquis, tressles, chairs and sustenance during the day. We could not have had a better venue for our broadcast position, right on the Corner of Military Road and Semaphore Road. A very big thank you to you.

Hey, I know I had a great day yesterday and am very proud to be allowed to be part of a team of great people at:-

We very successfully took Community Radio right to the Community yesterday. Thank you.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Canberra Cavalry are Playing off for the Asia Series Championship.

Tonight 9pm (AEST) the Canberra Cavalry take on the Uni-President Lions at the Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium in Taiwan for the Asia Series Championship.

Being last years Premiers in The Australian Baseball League Claxton Shield Competition they have won the right to be part of this impressive play off Championship. To this point they have made history for an Australian side playing in the series. Tonight the crown is at stake.

Tonight we put down all of the politics and emotion of our local competition and cheer on the team from the Australian Capital. The fact they are in the playoff has done so much for Australian Baseball on the world stage a win will just cap it off. 

You can watch it on the Internet tonight from this link on The ABL Site - it carries the local television broadcast with Canberra Cavalry "tragic" Chris Coleman broadcasting and english speaking voice over.

Chris (all around Good Guy) who presents the ABC Grandstand program "Strike Zone" is travelling with the team and is bringing live commentary via MixLR. It is pretty good coverage and certainly allows us all to join in.

So if you want to help Baseball in this country climb back to it's rightful position on the world stage it is as simple as clicking on THIS BUTTON later this evening and "BAM" there you will be, best seats in the house at Taichung.

So Canberra Cavalry let's go.....You carry Australia's hopes tonight!

I reckon the good Doctor Grace would be turning in his grave.

With the recent inflammatory statements from  English (South African) Cricketer Kevin Pietersen one wonders what the great W. G. Grace would be thinking.

Now you have to know I have become cynical enough, that with the desperate bid for 'bums' on seats and a viewing audience, the PR machine not only condones these ridiculous statements from the so-called personalities of the game, it actually writes the script.

Competition for the spectator and advertising dollar has grown so great that you have to keep the game on the front page of the press no-matter what. However, as we get down to mundane statements best left for the weigh-in rhetoric of prize fighters does this really do the game justice.

Outrageous comments such as this ultimately lead to stupid drunken behaviour at games as alcohol induced emotions run high.

Hey, the game had to change and World Series Cricket at least forced the "establishment" to take note and that players who were being required to play more and more cricket needed rewards commensurate with skill and time committed.

The spiral into sensationalistic headline grabbing advertising and promotion I fear will only see the games stature compromised. I fear we will not be happy until we have seen standards lowered to the extent of green,gold,red, white and blue smoke flares being let off in crowds in the fashion of Soccer hooliganism  then we shall sit in our boardroom looking over our glasses with a fearful volume of "tut tutting" emanating from around the table.

The game is "professional" - please ensure that it stays that way.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Courtney Robb following the Trend - not on your sweet bippy

The lovely Courtney Robb has recently released a new single "Circles". Just last week the video was also released in a special event at the Grace Emily here in Adelaide.

Courtney continues to generate great music and Circles is no exception. As a songwriter she continues to deliver it just as she sees it and Circles is exactly that, in your face lyrics but absolutely spot on. Courtney is more than all of the things she writes about, she is not just a great lady, mother, songwriter and singer, she is Courtney Robb.

The song is really good and gets you in straight up and I just love the Ukelele. Based on the audience reaction each time I have seen the song performed live I have no doubt you will enjoy.

The video has been produced by another accomplished Adelaide Musician, Singer and Songwriter, Ben Searcy and captures the spirit of the lyrics very well.

The song will probably not get the airplay it deserves until perhaps a "radio mix" is created. It is sure worth a listen and a trip to to find out a whole lot more about this lady whom is definitely more than the trend.

Sue Tomlinson - Softball Australia Hall Of Fame Inductee

It was announced yesterday the Sue Tomlinson (Tommy) is to be inducted into the Softball Australia Hall of Fame. What and honour and what a deserving recipient of this accolade.

I have been looking around for some photos of Tommy and they are hard to find and in that alone you probably get a fairly good understanding of the lady.

When I first met Sue she was playing for the Torrens Valley Redsox. When they moved from the Adelaide Competition to the Hills Competition for a period of time Sue was not directly involved with a club choosing instead to concentrate on her Australian National commitments. These days she has gravitated to a great club The Walkerville Softball Club (and I am glad she has).

Sue does not beat her own drum, she is just there, always there. Her love of the game and passion to see the quality of our players continue to grow such that South Australia and indeed Australia continue to bat above its weight on the world stage is what she is all about. Tommy know matter what just keeps on keeping on.

Sue was involved in the Australian women’s team, the Aussie Spirit between 2003 – 2010.  She was the Team Manager for the Australian women’s team in 2003, 2004, 2005, including the 2004 Olympic Games.  Sue was then the Assistant Coach for the Australian Open Women’s team between 2006 – 2010, including two World Championships (2006, 2010) and one Olympic Games (2008).

When we were looking around for someone to join our Team for "The Old Ball Game" on WOWfm 100.5, Sue's name was put up and she took it on, probably feeling the same as us all - "What are we doing?" Well she is an integral part of that team and brings incredible experience and insight to the microphone and we are extremely pleased to have her on board. 

Tommy congratulations a well deserved acknowledgement of your commitment and passion to your beloved game of Softball. We are very proud of our team member - Sue Tomlinson.

Outside Broadcast Norwood Oval - WOWfm 100.5

Two other South Australians were also inducted and both are very deserving of their award. We acknowledge and congratulate them both on being awarded membership of the Hall of Fame.

Congratulations to :-

Simmone Morrow (SA)
Selected as the 192nd player to represent the Australian women’s team, Simmone player 288 games for her country between 1997-2008, retiring after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.  Throughout her career, Simmone competed at three Olympic Games (2000, 2004, 2008) and three World Championships (1998, 2002, 2006).

Neville Lawrance (SA)
Neville umpired internationally from 1995 – 2007. He was appointed as an umpire at the 1998 ISF Open Women’s World Championships and the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. Neville has contributed to the development of the sport through his work as the Director of Umpiring in South Australia.  He has held that position since 2001.  Neville has also been a member of the Softball Australia Member Recognition Committee since 2010.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

In My Home Town Butterflies are Free

A couple of months ago I wrote about my passion for music and being the Window to The Soul ( Music is definitely a window to the Soul of Susan Lily but it must be listened too as up close and personal as each of Susan's Songs is created. Then, and only then will you get to see the absolute beauty of Susan and her magnificent Music.

The album is called "Butterfly", and each and every track comes from the very heart of the shy little girl from Hay. Like so many kids brought up in the bush of Australia there is an accepting freedom of spirit that simply makes that person a complete and beautiful person, a wonderful friend and a buddy for life. In the same breath it makes that person vulnerable to the competitive opportunism that is almost second nature of those whom live in the city. Until you have been there, the "real bush" of this country I mean, a place of friendship, compassion, comfort, caring and unrelenting bloody hard work, it is a concept and way of life that frankly most people will not be able grasp.

Hay is a little country community pretty much halfway between Sydney and Adelaide. It sits on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River. It is a river that can deliver devastating floods and within a season become devastatingly dry. The region is/was primarily sheep grazing country and the fortunes of the region are dictated by the weather and can go from flood to drought almost as quick as you can say "Susan Lily". This is the stuff that binds a community together, that creates a "mateship" that is Australia.

Listen carefully to the words of "My Hometown" and "Miss You Much" and take the journey from the compulsory ride through the bush on your trail bike to the heartbreak of drought to the friends and family that mean so much.

"Got the Monkey of My Back" is the song that probably convinced Susan she could actually do this 'gig' - writing, performing and recording. When you watch her perform this song live, it kind of fits like that favourite pair of well worn boots and exudes the fun, warmth and comfort that goes with it. It is a lovely song of freedom and new adventure. It is easy for us all to relate as we recall that "Monkey" that we have all needed to shake off at some point in our lives.

The influence of Susan's home town is very much present in the tracks "My Hometown", "Miss You Much" (the homesick Susan) and "A Little Rain". The title track "Butterfly" is kind of the summary song embracing the words of the journey and the vision of the freedom of self as we dance like a "Butterfly" on the winds of life.

The album also has that little bit of tongue in cheek with the song "You Only Kiss Me When You're Drunk"; perhaps a commentary on the wonderful romantic ability of your average true blue "Aussie Bloke".

Hey the album is just a good listen from a great singer and songwriter if that is what you expect from your music. It is also a wonderful journey if you choose to let the songs embrace you.

Susan in "Butterfly" takes you to that place where life can just embrace, protect and love you, and I suspect that is all Susan Lily expects from life.

Do your self a favour track on over to CD Baby and enjoy this magnificent album from the girl from Hay who now calls Adelaide home.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's a Bright Knight for The Bite

Well it is certainly a very bright Knight for the The Adelaide Bite with the announcement that they will appoint one of the most successful profiles in Australian baseball as their manager. Brooke Knight is the man who took the Perth Heat to Claxton Shield premierships in 2010/11 and 2011/12. It was announced today that he would take the helm for Round 5, following Adelaide’s Round 4 bye.

Knight was the manager of the Perth Heat when they defeated The Adelaide Bite for the Shield in their 2010/11 campaign and backed it up with Victory over the Melbourne Aces in the following season.

“I am thrilled to take the next step in my career with such a talented roster and first-rate organisation as the Bite,” Knight said. “With the core group of men we have bolstering our lineup and pitching staff, I am confident we will have things heading in the right direction in no time in our pursuit of the Claxton Shield.”

Adelaide sits at 2-6 win/loss after the first two rounds of this ABL season having suffered two games of only one-run defeats. Kyle Brueggemann was the Round 2 Pitcher of the week with his complete-game shutout of the Heat on November 9th. Returning ABL Rookie of the Year Ben Lodge has been a force for the Bite batting .370 through his first eight games, ranking him eighth best in the league this season.

Knight has an impressive baseball background in Australia and the United States, including time playing professionally for the Milwaukee Brewers organization. Knight has coached the Corvallis (US) Knights of the collegiate-level West Coast League to three championships and is a four-time West Coast League coach of the year.

Knight is currently travelling with the ABL’s contingent at the 2013 Asia Series in Taichung, Taiwan.

As previously reported Adelaide General Manager Nathan Davison will manage the Bite for their three-game weekend against the Melbourne Aces.

Kevin Rudd

And so it is Kevin Michael Rudd has called his time in the House of Representatives a day. Having been elected as the Member for Griffith in 1998 he has held many positions in the Parliament of Australia including of course as the 26th and 28th Prime Minister.

In reading the tributes and some of the vitriolic rhetoric that has been poured on this man I simply say -  RESPECT.

It matters little now what anyone thinks of his effort in the house. Clearly his constituents were happy having him as their elected representative in the house. Clearly his party was happy to appoint him as our Prime Minister on two separate occasions.

As I have said before Historians will now deal with political life of Kevin Rudd and whether they deal with his reign favourably or otherwise is simply what the wordsmiths of time will say.

I say this, Kevin Rudd had the guts to enter public political life, he fought for what he believed was right. The electorate ultimately judged that performance.

I am reminded what former Lord Mayor of Adelaide The Right Honourable Jim Jarvis commented on at a Luncheon I attended at the Adelaide Town Hall. Presidents of the United States of America retain their title Mr President for life. He was jokingly saying that in his retirement should he not hold his title for life.

Whilst the comment was "marginally" tongue in cheek, the comment has merit. I believe that the respect that should be held for a Prime Minister of this country is undoubted. The average public person cannot even begin to comprehend the pressure of the top job. On that alone I say Thank You Mr Rudd for your service to Australia.

Even Julia Gillard had the courtesy to wish Kevin well for the future even though I believe, as I said in this article "Two Score and Twelve Years Ago", she will be sitting in the privacy of her home with that knowing little smirk on her face thinking well they finally got you too.

Kevin Rudd was never my favourite politician but to Mark Latham and other nay sayers all I can say is have some RESPECT.

Thanks Mr Rudd enjoy your next adventures whatever they may be.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


In the last twenty four hours we have seen the Coach of The Adelaide Bite have his contract terminated. Yes, that is unusual and a bit sad really.

The decision to appoint Charles Aliano I am sure was made with all the right intentions and, for whatever reason, it has been decided that the relationship is unworkable. In any of these situations there are as always at least two sides to the story. Quite frankly the details have little to do with us as players, fans and supporters; the decision is made and there will be an announcement very soon on whom will be the new man in the chair. Despite all of this, the supposition and finger pointing will go on - ok your sixty seconds is up - move on.

Ultimately the decision making process will be reviewed internally and the appropriate changes to process considered and made.

This weekend, against the Melbourne Aces, it is my understanding that General Manager Nathan Davison will assume the on field management role and that the new coach will take the  reins thereafter.

For the good of our great game we must accept the decision and all parties will hopefully shake hands and move on, as one chapter closes and another opens. I say thank you Charlie for the time you have committed to the Bite and look forward to following your career wherever it may lead.

The Players and Supporters of The Adelaide Bite - well we take on The Melbourne Aces and it is up to each and everyone of us to give it our very best shot in whatever role we play in this great game to come home WINNERS

*****GO BITE*****

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Too Late The Hero - The Story of a Journeyman

PlanB an Australian Band that like so many Bands has been on a Journey since the 1980's and today is happy to take their music to the world.

The Current Line Up :

Vocals/Guitar - Brett Monten
Lead Guitar/Vocals - John Mulholland
Bass Guitar/Vocals - Peter Flierl
Drums - Lachi Smith
Keyboards - Adrian Miller
Trombone - Patrick Stapleton
Trumpet - Rob Williams
Flugelhorn/Trumpet - Cameron Smith

The man behind the band and the Composer of the Music is Peter Flierl and he makes no secret of the fact that his music has been influenced by the big sound of "Dexys Midnight Runners". You have to agree putting that big brass sound up there on stage really adds some "bang for your buck" or maybe I am just a sucker for a Flugelhorn. I have to admit some of my favourite music comes from those bands with the brass.

Peter, the  journeyman, whom not only has been the journey of PlanB but by way of employment has spent a large part of his life living and working in Asia and the Middle East. To my ear there is a distinct influence of the local music on the sound that has been created in each of his songs on this album. Peter is the Composer and the song titles are very indicative of the journey as well, So Saigon, Southern Delta and of course Maggie's, a story of a bar of ill repute. Then of course there is Images, featuring the beautiful voice of Samira Saunders, and to me the distinct influence of the middle east is enhanced by the violin of Peter Tuske.

"Too Late the Hero" is a chronicle of the journey and is compilation of Peter's Music down through time. It was about time they put this album together. In putting the album together band members Brett Monten, Patrick Stapleton and Rob Williams all collaborated in the final arrangement. Like all good bands, when you hit the studio or rehearsal room everyone adds their 'two bobs' worth. The result magnificent.

In some ways the album also is an experiment in its own right, as the new mix of some older songs continues the journey, even to the inclusion of a little bit of rap in the Track 12 remix of Call Me (featuring Rock with Korshun)

The band these days takes its music to Asia with tours to Vietnam, Cambodia and China, but hey they are local boys producing a great sound and this album is well worth adding to your collection of great music.

I recently interviewed Peter on WOWfm 100.5 you can replay the interview here -

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a neurodegenerative condition that affects the Central Nervous System. The body’s own immune system appears to attack the protective sheath of fatty protein, called myelin, which surrounds the nerves in the brain, spinal cord and the optic nerve. An attack results in inflammation and development of one or more lesions, resulting in scarring or sclerotic plaques, forming on the nerves. These lesions interfere with the nerve messages sent back and forward through the brain, and spinal cord.

Every person diagnosed with MS will experience it slightly differently, depending on the location, size and number of lesions formed, and the type of MS. For some, sensations are altered while others experience difficulty with muscle strength and movement. Lesions in the brain can affect a person’s capacity to process information, and affects their emotions.
Who can get MS? Absolutely anyone, it makes know difference who you are, you can just get it.
It is disease that we are slowly learning to understand and at this time have no known cure but by hell there are a lot of really good people working on it all the time. The signs of progress to a cure continue to improve but still the journey continues with no horizon for the answer.
My Journey of understanding started many years ago now, and at the time I new little or nothing about the disease. Vaguely new that Football personality Stan Wickham had it but had no idea what the disease was. That day so many years ago led me on a path where suddenly around me were good friends, workmates and so many acquaintances that had or were being affected by MS. There was no discrimination of whom or where and more importantly there was no answer to the question WHY?
I was involved with the board of MS SA and NT Division and very privileged to be part of the inaugural MS Australia Board and my learning curve was huge. Then there it was MS was part of my family life and the journey got personal. Yes MS is a dirty word.
Enough. What can you, what can we do about it? People with MS want a cure, in the words of a well known meerkat - "Simples".
You can get dirty for MS - The Bernie Lewis MS Mud Run is on again on the 1st December at the Urrbrae Agricultural College, 505 Fullarton Road Netherby SA. Get a team together - register BEFORE 29th November. If you are running as a team or just with friends, make your booking at the same time for everyone if you want to be sure you are allocated to the same wave of runners as your team or friends. You can run as a family so that Mum and Dad can help the kids over,under or through the obstacles - you know what the say - the Family that gets dirty together - well actually what do they say?

There is also the run for the seriously competitive obstacle course athletes who need to know the time and their place in the field. Registering in this group will see you "chipped" so that times can be recorded.
There is also the opportunity to dob in the Boss and have him or her run in the Big Cheese race as well.
The opportunity to help out doesn't stop there. Like any event for such a good cause it needs Volunteers - around 300 of them actually. So if getting really dirty doesn't appeal you can help out in so many roles on the day. 
How do you do this? Well get on line to the website and do your bit to help out with the never ending fundraising that is required to help out with providing services to people with MS and of course the journey to finding the cure.
Listen here to an interview I did with Renee Meredith the Communications Coordinator at MS SA and NT Division it fills in some of the Gaps
The most important thing is do your bit to help out by getting dirty for MS. If that doesn't appeal well just dig deep and make a donation at
You never know it might be the best thing you could do right now.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bill and Bub are all Steamed Up and Ready to Party

This weekend there will be celebration a plenty as the National Railway Museum celebrates 21 years of operating the Semaphore Steam Train along the foreshore to Fort Glanville.

Bill and Bub will each be running regular train rides that take about thirty minutes for the round trip. The ride gives you views across the dunes of the Beach and  wonderful panorama of the Gulf St Vincent as the weekend sailors get out and about.

Bill is the bigger engine and pulls a couple more carriages than Bub. Bub is a Tank Engine and put on his face and he looks a lot like the Fat Controller's Number 1 engine Thomas.

The trains start each day at 10:00am and culminate at around 4:30pm with an historical double header along the foreshore for both engines coupled together, towing the all of the carriages.

There are special prices for the weekend at just $5.00 per person or $20 for groups of 5. It is but a small price to pay as it helps The National Railway Museum ( a self-funded not for profit organisation) preserve the history of our rail transportation for generations to come.

This is an interview I did with Ray whom has been giving his time to the Railway for almost as many years as the Railway has operated.

So head on down to the Semaphore Jetty this weekend the 2nd - 3rd November and join the party.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fire Seasons in Australia

I should preface this by saying that I believe that Climate Change is certainly worth taking on board and the Science (albeit still with some scientific naysayers) is telling us we should be doing something about it. So let us understand what we Humans are doing to our Planet.

However, the bushfires being blamed on Climate Change is to a very large degree a nonsense. We have had some very good wet seasons over the last few years particularly on the eastern seaboard of Australia. Reservoirs around Sydney and Brisbane are clear evidence of the large rainfalls experienced.

Therefore the increased availability of fuel for bushfires seems a fairly logical outcome of these wet seasons and no amount of off-season burnoff can beat the early heatwaves that come from time to time. From the day of the early settlers we have been writing about the extremes of this country, none more poignant than Dorothea MacKellar's "My Country".

A quick review of history (and I only went back to 1938 - 1939) we have had years of shocking Bushfires brought on by early heatwaves. In 1938 in NSW fires were devastating as were the Fires In South Australia and Victoria in the January of 1939 - Black Friday. In my own memory 1955/1956 were similar and without documenting each and every year that this has occurred at regular intervals right up to date. Need I remind anyone of Ash Wednesday (it was early that year)

The "earlyish" start to the season in NSW should send the alarm bells to WA, SA and Victoria to be ready for the coming Summer months. The map below highlights very clearly the Bushfire Seasons in Australia.

My heartfelt prayers and concern go out to anyone affected by Bushfire and my absolute respect to the brave firefighters who battle to save property and life.

All I can say Australia is BE PREPARED and ensure that fire emergency plans are in place all of the time.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Love Each Other

Last Thursday Night I went along to SCALA at The Light Hotel in the City of Adelaide.

Performing first were Just Us and The Chocolate Eclairs (David J Cronin, Claire Gurry and Clayton Werner). As is the practice of Thursday Nights at The Light Hotel the group performed around three or four songs. There final song was titled "Love Each Other".
David introduced the song and made the point he worked in Childrens' Hospital's and the words of the Chorus he had been privileged to hear from a terminally ill child's letter to her parents.  As the song unfolded the poignancy of the words became very moving, so simple, but oh so powerful.
A number of years ago I had the opportunity of attending a conference at Petrea King's Quest for Life Foundation at Bundanoon on the Southern Tablelands near Sydney, New South Wales. An extraordinary experience to say the least and to be able to say I have met the beautiful Angel, Petrea King, and to say the experience was life changing is a mere under statement. 
So much of what we had touched on at Bundanoon came flooding back and the words written in one of her books "Sometimes Hearts Have to Break" were there again back on stage in front of me. 
If you want to find out more about Petrea King and Quest for Life you can follow this link -
Well having given myself a little time for the lump in my throat to subside and the group had packed up ready for the next act to come on stage I sought out David J Cronin at the bar. 

David advised me he sometimes works as a Clown Doctor (Dr Hugh Moore) and yes he had heard the words in Hospital. The work these people do is just unbelievable and when you consider the tragedy they must see in bringing just a few moments of humour to unwell Children their commitment and dedication is undoubted.

David works through the organisation and the Humour Foundation ( - The Clown Doctors. Can I only commend to you the work that these magnificent people do and the joy they bring to the young in Hospital.

Enough said, time for you to do your bit. Here is the song - tell me as you stop and listen you struggle to stop that little tear appearing in the corner of your eye. Love ya' work David.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Two Score and Twelve Years Ago

In a little town called Barry in Wales, two score and twelve years ago, a red haired baby girl entered the world. On this day a proud Mum and Dad could never have suspected that this little girl would become the twenty seventh Prime Minister of Australia.
I believe history will treat Ms Gillard very kindly. The debacle that saw Ms Gillard challenge the 26th Prime Minister  for the job will be the stuff of wordsmiths for decades to come. I also believe that the action will ultimately be totally vindicated, as the idiosyncrasies of the Australian Labor Party are ultimately exposed and unwound to allow the popularly elected members of the Parliamentary Party to actually do the job for which they are elected.
I believe that the often hinted at autocratic ways and subversive actions of Kevin Rudd, that finally so comprehensively undermined the party machine, will be exposed.
History will treat Julia well and many of the legislative advances that were implemented under her stewardship will be hailed as positive benefits to this nation.
Will she be remembered amongst the Statesmen of our time, Menzies, Hawke and Howard unlikely, but on this her 52nd Birthday I take off my hat to a great politician, our first woman Prime Minister and say well done and wish you a very Happy Birthday.
I am sure in the privacy of your home that quirky little smirk will lighten up your face many times as the truth is ultimately delivered to the World.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Music - The Window to the Soul

I have now been producing and presenting a Program called Out and About on WOW100.5FM for over six months and in that time the content has progressed quite considerably and today I have a focus on local Independent Songwriters,Composers,Lyricists and Musicians.

It has become a passion and I am very privileged to have now met so many very talented people and I am sure many many more to come.Mind you I have always loved music and as a kid played a variety of instruments and sang in a number of Choirs around town including a Boys Choir in "The Play of Daniel" at the  Festival of Arts in Adelaide in 1964. It was produced by Colin Ballantyne and featured world famous countertenor Alfred Deller.
Also about that time I was also in a school music club held each lunchtime in Mr Winstanley's Music Room. There I met and sang with Peter and Martin Wesley-Smith and Keith Conlon. They went on to be the Wesley Three and produced at least two albums including City Folk.
The school I attended also had a couple of very good classical musicians Rick and John Brewster-Jones. We probably had a snippet of what was to come in the school Music Competition of around 1968. The Band section had a little group with these two performing with a couple of others. We went head to head with our own band - Jimbo on Bass Guitar because no one else wanted to learn how to play it. Loved my Green Maton Bass. Any way they won, we lost and they of course today have dropped the -Jones and have had a modicum of success as the Angels.
My rekindled passion kind of started recently when I was talking about a segment I was planning for RUOK Day and Beyond Blue, very good friend of mine, Charlie Helen Robinson suggested I play and talk to local artist Brett Monten whom has written and performed a song called RUOK.
At about the same time Amber Joy Poulton was about to release her new album "Foolish Things" so I booked into the show to be held at "Lickerish" on Semaphore Road.
Well I arranged for Brett Monten to come into the show for an interview and we had a great show talking about his music and the Band he belonged to "PlanB".

I had a ball that day and Brett successfully set the path for me from that day. He introduced me to SCALA (Songwriters,Composers and Lyricists Association) and the fact he had entered a new song in FOOM (Festival Of Original Music) being held at The Light Hotel in Light Square in the City Of Adelaide. He also recommended to me a new Adelaide Group the the "Germein Sisters" and their single "Da Da Doo"
So I went to Amber Joy Poulton's Album release "Foolish Things".

I was home, they had me hook, line and sinker. To watch and listen, to hear the back story of each song, how and why it was created - the Soul laid bare for all to see, listen too and understand and to make of it what you will. To me very powerful stuff indeed. I asked Amber to come on the show, but man she is one very busy lady, mother, runner,fund raiser and in her spare time wonderful artiste. We will get her on the phone one day. The album is going well and the single "Rosalie" is bringing Amber some success as it climbs the Country Music Charts.
Opening the show that day was a "pint"sized chick Susan Lily. She sang a few songs from her album "Butterfly". Man there was something about this lady and her music. As she described her journey and the fact that Adelaide had only recently become her Home Town - being a native of Hay, way out in Western New South Wales. Being first to perform that day, in fact it is probably her music that clinched my return to my beloved musical hideaway.

Well any way I decided to contact Susan and invite her to my show. Wow she said yes - this is exciting, me interviewing Susan Lily. Hell I do not want to look like an idiot so I started researching and found web sites everywhere and so many musicians. Susan arrived at the studio on the appointed day and again we had a ball - I think we both enjoyed the experience. Not only did the morning go well but I had a new friend as well.
Her new single from her Album "Butterfly" - "My Hometown" was released and we began pushing and promoting that as much as we could on the show. Other presenters heard the music and we were able to ensure that it was being played across a variety of programs. Wow this is fun - I am enjoying getting to know these people and through Community Radio do my teensy weeny little bit to help.
Susan later contacted me and let me know that she was a finalist in the SCALA FOOM Competition. Great, off I went to the final - Susan sang her song "Daisy Jane" (you must hear it when released) - pretty good, but as the night wore on so many great artists, so many great songs - thankfully the responsibility of judging did not fall to me because there were so many great songs.How do you just pick one.
Well Susan won the competition and with so many other category winners and honourable mentions all of whom will be on the new SCALA Album featuring this years best of the best. They had the CD of last years winners for sale so picked one up and BOOM all of this talent previously just names in a Gig Guide were in my hand, great music.
In amongst this period I had made contact with Georgia Germein and arranged for her to come to the studio. On the appointed day Georgia arrived with her Mum/Manager Sue. Again a great interview and the back story to the music that was being created by Georgia just so powerful. The story of "Because You Breathe" being recorded in Ireland by Billy Farrell - Corrs Producer. The move from Solo Artist to the Germein Sisters (and Brother Charlie) captivating. I have written more about the Germein Sisters in the article below.

So back to the title of this article. The privilege of meeting these talented people, introducing their music has done something special to me - the opportunity to meet these wonderful people and to have the opportunity to get a glimpse of the passion, heart, body and soul that is delivered to us in their music is, well---Life Changing.
I love music in all of its forms, genre does not matter. I know when my own son was creating electronic music I understood the passion with which it was created - Ok I was prejudiced being his greatest fan - but again the contribution of self to the Music was to say the least impressive.
Yes, my little Community Radio Programme has found a direction and I am so looking forward to the wonderful journey it takes me on - I hope that many will join me on that journey. I hope they will stop and listen intently to the music and hear the talent, the passion, the body and Soul I have now had the magnificent pleasure of experiencing up close and personal.

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Dawning of the Germein Sisters

It seems so appropriate to be writing on my blog "Aoede" - the Muse of Voice or Song. Tonight I attended the Album launch of The Germain Sisters - "Because You Breathe". Tonight I witnessed the birth of a new group who can and will carry all before them on the world stage.
I shall introduce you to this wonderful trio of Sisters.
Firstly their is Georgia - Georgia has been songwriting for a while and is responsible for being the composer of all the new music on the new album. Georgia (as a 19 year old ) already has a successful solo album "Take my Hand" and now some six years down the track has this evening launched a new album with her siblings at The Governor Hindmarsh Hotel.
These days they live with Mum and Dad on a property near the Deep Creek Conservation Park in the Adelaide Hills and from what I understand Georgia with her trusty recording apparatus creates the mystique of her music that will now be "The Germein Sisters".
Sisters Ella (Elfie) and Clara join older sister Georgia in her latest effort in the musical kingdom and are you ready world it is magnificent.
Ella plays Bass Guitar and The Electric Cello (an awesome instrument), as well as being very involved in the vocals exudes a passion for music and I fear is the mischievous elf of the the family.
Clara is the drummer, sometime guitarist and also very much a part of the vocals we will all come to know and love. Drummers of the world watch and weep as one so young can take her craft to the heights I witnessed tonight.
The single Da Da Doo has been released for sometime and is one of those songs that can only be described as that ear worm of a song that once heard just hangs there in your brain. Tonight we heard all of the album live. A quality stage performance that takes on some of the best I have seen. I find it hard to choose a favourite but amongst them are Sunny Days and Golden but to be selective is harsh on the rest of the album.
So to watch them live - amazing. Will they be compared to The Corrs - of course they will. It was recorded in Ireland and produced by Corrs Producer Billy Farrell and assisted by Stuart Gray of Jealoustown Studios. Sharon Corr (the violin playing Corr) in fact is featured on two tracks on the album and one suspects had a sentimental journey of what she and her siblings must have felt like at the beginning of their journey.The Celtic lilt to the music is just captivating.
Then the similarity does not stop there as little brother Charlie joins his sisters on stage and the album featuring in the final track on the album "Don't Wait".I have it on good authority however on this occasion he will not be touring with his sisters, one day I do not think he will have that choice, particularly based on the crowd response to his performance.
Tonight I feel privileged indeed to have been present at the dawning of the Germeins. I shall follow their star as it shines brightly in our Universe,

Monday, August 19, 2013


Well the new seating arrangements have been published for Crows Members and they have been provided with what would be a very expensive reality experience to assess the new view.

Before I start, you have to know I believe the original shift to the current design was one of the best planned con jobs of all time. SACA Members had been provided with a plan that looked like an extension of the now removed Sir Donald Bradman stand all around the Western Side of the Ground and an new improved Chappell Stand on the Eastern side. Very expensive publications to the members etc etc.

At the death knell and just in time to be legal at the SACA AGM we were presented with the new Circus Tent dream for the hallowed turf of our Adelaide Oval - no time for discussion - no time for disapproval - just vote. Clearly the proponents new how many Members do not attend the meeting which made the lobby process relatively simple. I do not believe that the Membership was given the opportunity to discuss, object or agree. No opportunity to complain about the change of character to one of the most revered ovals in the world The Establishment just made it happen.


Then of course we had to fund it. The badgering of the State Government, The Federal Government and The AFL commenced and so various grants have been dutifully delivered for the project. Then we are informed that Adelaide is not big enough for two stadiums (sounds like a great forward view of our State - quick leave now before they turn off the lights) - oh really. Football Park must go and all AFL games must be moved to Adelaide Oval - clearly again no consideration for Logistics - North Adelaide has already banned parking for game days - no room for buses to lay up (have you seen Military Road, Trimmer Parade,Frederick Road and the Boulevard and a myriad of other little hidey holes drivers have located on game day). Yep we have a train station - Adelaide is so well serviced by trains - not, and just a short walk from City Car-parks with whom we are yet to finalise special deals for game days.

Then there is the relocation of members seating - trust me I have not heard too many happy with the choices that have been offered. Long Term Members with seating now somewhere up in the nosebleed section. The stream of disgruntled members I have spied wandering into Crow headquarters and advising that a number of the people within their Groups just simply will not be renewing. Wonder what drop off rate was budgeted for in the viability study.

Then the cost add-ons - oh we need a bridge, a bridge that we have been reliably informed is more expensive than similar structures overseas. The Crows probably has limited room to move, so to speak but it certainly seems many members are not amused with the enforced shift.
I MIGHT QUIT - jury is still out

Then of course the AFL is embroiled in the need to go to Adelaide Oval - a deal not yet signed by the way. Why - well one wonders Football Park has not served anyone badly to this point. Will the move actually do anything to assist the local AFL Clubs. The proof will be in the pudding, as they say. The AFL frankly are not being particularly good stewards of our game right now. The whole handling of the Essendon Scandal is becoming a farce.

From the day the good Andrew stood like a good political nodding dog on the parcel shelf of the political car that announced - illegal drug use (still no charges and ASADA that had not kept up to speed with WADA List ooops), rigged games and criminal intervention. What do we have a charge of bringing the game into disrepute - who is bringing the game into disrepute. It seems ASADA, The AFL and the rest of the Nodders on Stage that day have yet to bring real evidence to the table. At what cost has this mind shatteringly poor form come? Whom is footing the bill? Really AFL you have become a joke.

You know there is an old saying - if it is not broken - why fix it. I fear the only thing broken in all of this was SACA. Financially destitute at the time this whole thing was dreamt up behind the Black Door at 165 North Terrace Adelaide. We now have a hospital that does not have enough beds, we have manufacturing industries on their knees and we spend a whole lot of money on an Oval that once was the talk of the world for its character. Why this overly extravagant change at a time when the money could be well spent on services to our community not just a venue for the elite whom were already being served quite adequately thank you. 

There seems but one choice left.

It's a Great Great Club
And the Club We Love
We're the Good old Red and Whites
The Mighty Roosters we're called
All for One, One for all
If we're down we Fight Fight Fight
We like to Play as a Team
And we Play it Clean
We're Never out of Sight
Be it Wet be it Dry
We Try Try Try
We're the Good old Red and Whites