Friday, October 5, 2012

What is our High Court Thinking

How can such a decision as has been passed down by the High Court happen. If the people charged with protecting the security of my country, my home have their hands so comprehensively tied as to not protect me from the arrival of undesirable and illegal entrants to this country WTF!!!! Refugees are refugees and I for one am very sympathetic to the people who find that they have no alternative but leave their homeland. However to deprive the authorities the ability to carefully screen these people to ensure that undesirable anarchists are not infiltrating the circumstances surrounding genuine refugees then compromising my homeland security is just simply unacceptable. Surely genuine people with nothing to hide understand the need to ensure that the very people they are escaping are not coming simply to destabilise the safe haven they are seeking in this country. There has to be exceptional provisions made to ensure our safety in these exceptional circumstances. Have a read - please find away to achieve the desired result Ms Roxon.