Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Reserve Bank of Australia the biggest contributor to Inflation

It seems a bit crazy to me that our Economic minder is the biggest contributor to Inflation. Having admitted that they acted hastily because they were conned by the Oil Price Futures Scam they now in their wisdom "jack up" the cost of money again. This of course adds an uncontrollable expense to every business in existence. Every employee is now seeking more money to pay for the fact that every commodity they use will have the new cost of money built in. From Housing to Bacon and eggs the cost of living will rise. Inflationary of course. My case rests. RBA contributes the main factor and the alternative currently is pain to Joe Public.

Come on you guys there has to be a better way.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Economists have conned us all - they really do rule the world

Apart form the absolute lunacy that the Reserve Bank of Australia has shown in increasing rates to early, based on the findings of the same economist who got us into this mess in the first place we see an equally uninformed and selfish approach from the economists of the major financial institutions aggressively lobbying for a change in rates. There lobbying has absolutely nothing to do with anything other than more profits for the organisations who employ them.

Clearly these "people" have no concern for the people who are now out of work in the huge number of small businesses that are now insolvent and because of the waiting periods at "Centrelink" and other Unemployment benefit organistaions have not yet hit the stats.

I am sorry but you guys are just using muscle to meet your own selfish ends. Uncontrolled markets globally are still exactly uncontrolled because how can the Australian Dollar the flagship of one of the smallest economy's globally become one of the strongest and most heavily traded currencies in the world.

Talk about saying whatever we need to say to suit our own need is the statement from Choice re the inconsistency of rates amongst the Banks. Because they have not moved in consort they question the motives. If the had moved in unison they would have cried collusion.

Sorry guys I have absolutely no faith in your so called profession - frankly as a profession I have more respect for the oldest profession in the world.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Logo Madness - Apple versus Aussie Woolworths

So Apple reckons that the Woolies Fresh Logo - looks like an Apple. Yep, an apple a potato or any other fruit you maybe able to buy in a supermarket.An Apple peel maybe but an Apple give me a break - can I have what ever your legal eagles are having. Above anything else it is a stylised "W" a Big W - a "wuh" a double U. Apple take your stupid legal action and go home please. This type of ownership is getting silly - leave my Granny Smith alone please.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Banks raking it in amid financial crisis

An interesting article on the Reserve Bank of Australia report on Australian Banking.

Only further confirms that the Recession in this country is totally contrived by our Market controllers and has little else to do with the Global Downturn.

Scaremongers - get lost - please.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

So we are frightened that the Government will take control of the American Banks

Well they should have thought of that when all of these make believe securities were invented.
The Banks have proved themselves completely inadequate in any kind of Fiscal prudence whatsoever. They turn up and ask Mummy and Daddy to get them out of trouble and now want to squeal like the spoiled brats they are that Mummy and Daddy want to ground them for stupidity.
I am sure Mummy and Daddy will let them out to play again one day when they prove that they are actually able to play nicely in the world.
Lets not be frightened - selfish greed has brought the world to this mess and now controls need to be applied - lets celebrate and get on with life.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Poilticians are all pathetic "dweebs"

The article attached here is just one of so many pathetic performances from our Parliamentary geniuses.
You have to know watching our elected representatives performing so poorly is getting to be very tiresome. Equally I find the rather blank look from our frontbenchers when questioned on their portfolio and are so shockingly found out as to their detailed knowledge of their respective portfolios.
Perhaps that is why we never actually do anything constructive from a decision making point of view.But our erstwhile Government prancing around giving money away instead of really spending it on long term beneficial infrastructure projects (like capturing flood waters and diverting it to the inland river systems.
I am so tired of being sucked in and manipulated by the Financial Power Brokers of the world who clearly have the power and money to manipulate markets whichever way they want.
Clearly we are totally at the whim of major power brokers who seem to have their way with these parliamentary pawns whom have been elected to manage and administer on behalf of the electorate.
So stop the school yard antics - remember who put you in power and stop wasting time with schoolyard bullying tactics. You are actually giving "dweebs" a bad name.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How wrong can these guys get it?

You read this article written by the ANZ 12 months ago and all we wanted to do was stop this dreadful thing called inflation. They are only echoing their mates and the discussions they had over a wonderful lunch down in the Pub in George Street Sydney or William Street Melbourne.

You really do have to worry about the Ecomonists of the world because quite simply these guys are quite capable of telling us anything they want us to hear as they attempt to predict (manipulate?) markets.

I have been amazed at the continual Economic Outlook being promulgated daily and in one day you can generally find a variety of conflicting opinions. Our economists spent months convincing the markets that interest rates in Australia needed to rise because of the inflationary trend. A trend mind you largely driven by Oil Prices that continued to spiral until OPEC called the Wall Street Futures Traders out for over trading the price on economist outlook. When they cut the production rate we saw Oil Prices fall out of bed in monumental form and return to a reasonable price. I bet one thing for sure these sods are still manipulating a market.

I watch with interest daily the trade in our "SPI" Index trading - yet another wondrous document that can be traded against a number (created by adding a few "indicator" numbers together multiplying by 100 and calling it an index) that is clearly manipulated by the dealers within minutes of the ASX opening. Frankly the only reason they trade in this index is because they (the dealers) can manipulate it, otherwise they would be down at the casino dropping there money on 26 Black.

My simple questions how do we take control these "experts" who clearly are a disgrace to the piece of paper they call a degree.

Our Reserve Bank listens to these people and now admits they were hasty in lifting rates. Even worse is the horrible truth of where these "experts' have taken us and we are paying a very dear price.

Lets get back to trading physical commodities, lets remove fancy negotiable securities and go about our business of living, buying our food and purchasing to satisfy our needs. Let Governments get on with providing us with the essentials of life like schools,roads and hospitals etc., and to the Economists of the world go and get a "real" job.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday President Lincoln

Today is the 12th February and is the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's Birthday.
He is a man who held the Presidency of the USA during some of it's darkest days and yet he is recognised as one of the greatest Statesmen to have ever held such high office.
The now most famous speech "The Gettysburg Address" delivered in November 1863 remains to this day one of the greatest speeches ever given. The Civil War still raged on and in drawing attention to the Declaration of Independence signed some "four score and seven years" prior he called the Nation to stand again under the flag of the USA. He so carefully crafted his words in dedicating the Graveyard at Gettysburg to remind the Nation of its very core, it remains as the true spirit of a proud nation growing and evolving as one nation.
The USA again faces dark times as it has so many times before - of one thing we can be certain, it will recover from this time, and it will remain the truly great nation that remains strong under Liberty's Flame - "Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Happy Birthday Mr Lincoln

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So now the Banks want to give back the money!

This article in the New York Times is still scarier than yesterday.

It begs the question are these guys deliberately manipulating markets and now realise that we are catching on to their irresponsible shenanigans. Greater controls and reporting procedures must be brought into play as it seems we are just pawns in their evil greedy game.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The US Bail Out - it is time for FSRA

This article in the New York Times is a little scary.

The Financial Services Reform Act that was implemented in this Country early this century has certainly seen the Banking system in this country in a much better state than it might have been. Clearly the open trade attitude of the Banks in Europe and USA has seen the world financial systems brought to the brink. The Governments of the world have been forced to implement "bail outs" at an unprecedented level. Surely the taxpayers of the world should need and want to reign in these - "greedy, selfish" organisations whom simply have thumbed their nose at prudent management.

I sincerely hope that President Obama and his legislators bring in a much stronger set of watch dog disciplines to protect those of us whom have trusted these organisations. The same disciplines need to also be considered across the UK and Europe. One feels that the market manipulation that has gone on without any from of control has been very largely responsible for this crisis. We will trust them again - we have no choice - but it would be much easier to do so if we knew a large dog with teeth was sitting watching on our behalf.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Whyalla solar project set to shine

This article in the Adelaide Advertiser a bit over twelve months ago seems like a highly topical issue right now.

The principles of Solar Power generation in this world of "Green Power" and at a time when loads in this State (South Australia) have put the system seriously to the test with somewhat disappointing results. The system will allow generation for Base Load requirements and peak load requirements and therefore assist in allaying the problems that we have experienced in this heat wave. What more can you say in this State where temperatures have soared into the 40C/100F category everyday this week and seem destined to do so for some days to come what better generation technique do we want.

The other sad part of this is the word desalination appears as a very minor corollary to this article. I saw an early feasibility on this study about nine years ago and in that the power generated had largely already been committed to the big Steel producers in the region. But here is the rub, the freshwater recovery from the process was projected to not only supply the City of Whyalla but turn the Morgan Whyalla Pipeline around. The removal of the drain on the River Murray alone was surely sufficient incentive to proceed. To mirror (excuse the pun) this project would lay the ground for many such similar plants around the coast of Australia generating Green Power and solving the water shortages in so many parts of this country.

This link will give some more insight into this technology as well.

A parting question however, I have heard nothing more of this project since this article, what has happened?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Whats Love got do with it?

I am going to be a bit naughty here I am simply going to redirect you to my other blog. The topic seemed so pertinent in both places.

So click here and head over to

Or just listen to the music here.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oh for @#$% Sake

Americans 'too depressed' for sex, porn barons seek US bailout

Can you believe this article - one can only hope they are joking. Unfortunately I fear not.