Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh my God the USA is in recession

I don't know which planet our Wall Street Einstein's are living on. We wake up to the news the USA is officially in recession - I mean to say which @#$%^&* Rocket Scientist worked that out holy $%^& where have you guys been.

So now it is official the markets fall again - keep up the good work you guys the intelligence being displayed out of the financial precinct of NYC is simply mind blowing.

Get you stuff together and lets get going because as history will tell you - WE WILL SURVIVE.

While you are here have a little vote in my poll.


Charlie said...

ahhaaa feel better now Jimbo? lol xxc

Anonymous said...

I think they've applied reverse eugenics on their breeding programs over there (only on the Caucasians...). Or they don't accept anything unless its the bleedin' obvious- dorks!!! Now someone get me for generalising!

Anonymous said...

Jim, I love your candidness! One of my favorite broadcasts on NPR had a very similar response as you did, and they have been talking about our being in a recession for a long time!

Yes, Wall Street, this too shall pass!

Oh, and Jim... as for the intelligence in the Financial District of NYC - look at it this way, at least none of them appears to have to worry about getting a brain tumor!