Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An interview with Father Xmas, Santa Claus, Kris Kringle et al

As many of you know one of my very best friends is Father Xmas and he recently attended a Christmas function at The Mallala Playgroup at my request. I was planning an interview with the Grand Old Man but it is probably better if I just let him ramble on about Xmas - he is a bit like that you know. So here he is by whatever name you may know him - take it away Kris.

"Well thank you Jim it was a fun day at Mallala and all of the children were absolutely beautiful.

Well I am in the last few hours of preparation and to all the people of the Western Pacific and particularly in New Zealand it will not be long before I am on my way towards you. Oh what a night it will be as well as I chase the clock across the world.

I thought I would like to share with you via Jim's Blog a view of Christmas from my side as if you were looking through my eyes.

Firstly the responsibility for me is to carry the message of love and care across the world and to do the best I can to ensure the people understand that Peace and Goodwill are not just words and can be achieved so easily if you could all just understand how easy it might be.

Of course the Children of the world who simply believe so much are living proof of how well that trust can be sustained. I am not so sure why some of you "grown ups" lose the simple innocence that lives in you all from the day you were born.

Let me assure you to look into a Child's eyes from behind my beard and glasses is indeed a gift I wish I could deliver to you all - even the look of the very young child who can at times be overawed by all that redness,whiskers and HoHoHo'ing in just twelve months it is amazing how quickly they come to understand who I am.

To walk with Children who just want to hold my hand, to share their lives and their innermost wishes is a privilege that is immeasurable. My one desire is to encourage them all to carry the ideals of love, friendship and loyalty for all of the days of their lives.

Now let me turn my attention to the "grown ups" - as your treasures come forward and sit on my lap and unfold those truths I look up and see the glow of love and emotion absolutely radiating from you all - may I make a little suggestion remember that feeling as your Child looks upon me with the innocence of youth - allow that feeling to absolutely permeate every corner of your body and mind. That energy as you amplify it and project it on the world is the very essence of how the message I carry and represent will be carried amongst you all.

It does not matter by what name you may know me, it does not matter what religion or doctrine you may follow, it does not matter what colour race or Creed - my message remains as simple and as basic as it always has.

Before I go I would just like to remind my friend Jim - watch yourself buddy - I would hate to have to shift you to the Naughty List.

So my final words as I leave to make just one final check of my lists and my itinerary -

A Very Happy Christmas to all - Peace and Love to the World - and to all Good Night"

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Now thats what I call exploitation - fail Berlin Zoo

You have to know that this article on Knut the once cute polar bear cub is very distressing. I am one who in the main hails our Zoos as the last hope of preserving many of our species.

I find this article very distressing and believe the management of the Berlin Zoo is failing the mandate we give to Zoos globally. - Fail

Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh my God the USA is in recession

I don't know which planet our Wall Street Einstein's are living on. We wake up to the news the USA is officially in recession - I mean to say which @#$%^&* Rocket Scientist worked that out holy $%^& where have you guys been.

So now it is official the markets fall again - keep up the good work you guys the intelligence being displayed out of the financial precinct of NYC is simply mind blowing.

Get you stuff together and lets get going because as history will tell you - WE WILL SURVIVE.

While you are here have a little vote in my poll.