Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dear Mr Rudd - start talking Aussie up. We are not as bad as you want everyone to think.

Hey I Got published in "The Advertiser"

It is most concerning to me that while I am certain that the global situation will have an effect, I still believe that in Australia it is unnecessary for us to continue in this "Me Too" attitude. The majority of the product we export is essential to life in the form and food and other life essential commodities. The countries we export to are so large and continue to experience population growth greater than our entire population. China continues to have to rebuild after the earthquake and to continue to build to cater for its own population growth.

Sure the Automotive industry is a problem but more so at home in the US than Australia, and that is caused by poor management by both Unions and the Companies themselves.This building to production capability just to keep people in jobs rather than to conservative growth estimates is unbelievable. And in the US once a car dealer it is almost impossible to get sacked by a manufacturer - give me a break.

Some Rocket Scientist down at the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics for my international readers)announced that in September (September mind you), that retail sales had only grown by 0.1%. Hell ay, is that not what our erstwhile Governor of the Reserve Bank wanted to happen when he jacked the interest rates. Worked didn't it. Oh then we worked out "bugger" between fuel price (screwed over by greedy futures dealers - not OPEC, who caught on before anyone else) and higher interest rates we have gone too far - then exacerbated by greedy poorly regulated Bankers in the USA and Europe - we think we need to get wound up in a financial stuff up that has limited spin off in Australia.

Please Mr Rudd cut with the "hang dog" looks on TV - build the wharves to handle the multitude of ships sitting off our East Coast - fill 'em up with Coal and Wheat before my friends in Asia freeze in the dark in the cold Northern Winter wondering where their next loaf of bread is coming from. While you are at it a bit more steel for the building programs run out would not go amiss either.

Hey and get control of these Futures traders, betting on SPI (share price index) forces young dealers to forget fundamentals of trade and to start trying to pick the winner of next years Melbourne Cup. Hey 26 black down the casino is much faster way to burn real dollars.


Anonymous said...

When you rant Jim, you are good!! I am not at all familiar with what is going on in your economy, but you are spot on in your assessment of the Auto Industry here in the US.

I vote you come up here and give them the kick in the pants they so richly deserve and need!!

Anonymous said...

Your so right Jim, and lets not forget that Mr Rudd and his wife's primary financial interests are over in China, with his wife owning a few companies over there.