Thursday, October 30, 2008


As many of you know I do hang about on Plurk (just a little bit).

I have said it many times how the sense of Community continues to develop in this space. The friends I have made on line and the awe inspiring level of care that comes out is unbelievable. I find the mutual care, love and respect between the people on the timeline very comforting in these times that can be very destabilising.

The other interesting thing to me is the self management that goes on. Rarely have I seen inappropriate behavior on line and if it occurs the Community is quick to deal with it politely and efficiently.

It is a great place to visit come along sometime.


Monnie said...

I love plurk.

It is much more engaging and responsive than twitter ever was, which is why i am so loyal to it. i love the exchange of ideas and information. and I have also got to meet a lot of lovely people too!

Charlie said...

i agree!! only issue i've had lately is the amount of "whinging" and "moaning" about aches and pains... but then i've copped it at home as well... so maybe i'm just being sensitive to all the negativity.

i originally immensely enjoyed Plurk because it was such a happy vibrant community. could be the tell tale signs of post winter blues creeping into virtual world - same as it does in earth world.


ps ironic that i'm whinging. ahhaaaaaa mwah!!

JimBob51 said...

Has to laugh - a lot of the whinging has been coming from Australia's leading "Man Flu" Man hahaha

Murfomurf said...

I really like Plurk, too. I like the balance I can achieve between hoomans that I know In Real Life and new friends from the multiple corners of the globe. There is an opportunity to share interests and hobbies that I haven't found in my own social circle and the chance to hear about lives very unlike my own. A few people have annoyed me by using swear words in a negative way while youngsters are sharing the timeline, but I have finally un-friended them, figuring there are plenty of more attractive souls whom I haven't met yet!

Anonymous said...

Jim, I am happy for Plurk as well for it introduced you and me! It makes far flung corners of the globe close and neighborly, takes away barriers and things that separate people. A very good thing.