Thursday, October 30, 2008


As many of you know I do hang about on Plurk (just a little bit).

I have said it many times how the sense of Community continues to develop in this space. The friends I have made on line and the awe inspiring level of care that comes out is unbelievable. I find the mutual care, love and respect between the people on the timeline very comforting in these times that can be very destabilising.

The other interesting thing to me is the self management that goes on. Rarely have I seen inappropriate behavior on line and if it occurs the Community is quick to deal with it politely and efficiently.

It is a great place to visit come along sometime.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Farmers welcome falling Dollar

Ok so at the moment the Aussie is taking a bit of a hiding
and certainly as Overseas Fund Managers repatriate funds what do think you would be doing to make it as cheap as possible to exit their dollars - of course selling the Aussie down the toilet. In the late 1980's there was a dealer in New York who was manipulating the Aussie Dollar to his own end in a twenty four hour period. Cannot remember the details precisely but it was mooted he was trading the whole Aussie GDP in a twenty four hour period.

The Aussie Dollar was a cute little currency that was easily pushed around, politically stable and mere cannon fodder for the big dealers - guess what nothing has changed.

The other thing every year as we negotiate wheat contracts and other commodity contracts in USD the AUD takes a bath - shock horror again manipulating through payer to make Aussie Exports more attractive.

Fortunate the RBA knows this and "props"up the AUD only to make a killing when commonsense finally prevails.

The only concern at the moment and the main thing lacking in financial markets is commonsense. I for one will question whether I shall ever use a Broker again and simple trade through the facilities provided by my Bank.

Lets sell that wheat boys.....