Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Journalistic Doomsayers

I am so over Journalists who want to stand in front of me on television and tell me that the economy will not recover. We have been through so many of these cycles History books have become best sellers. Certainly we need a period of re-adjustment and I marvel at how often these periods coincide with US Presidential elections.

The whole principle of supply and demand will determine that we will find a way to work through this temporary readjustment of economies - but as we always have we will.

I just think our journalists are so hell bent on getting their ugly faces on TV that they are really capable saying anything for airtime.

Rupert Murdoch once said in a William Queale Memorial Lecture many moons ago - "Governments Come and Governments Go - but business goes on forever"

He is not far wrong just ask the little Chinese bloke who sold Marco Polo Spaghetti.

The only threat I see right now is the Large Hadron Collider which will rachet up its first real experiment on October 21. Really who knows how big the Black Hole might be that is generated. Maybe I will see you in the next Galaxy.

Here is to tomorrow - it will be a beautiful day.

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Anonymous said...

"We'll all be rooned said Hanrahan if this rain don't stop!" (CJ Dennis)- that's journos for you. The only ones who get air time are the ones with the most extreme things to say- the editors are the bad guys- they should be more responsible. Let's have a go at some news editors- and while we're at it- why do they ALL have the same restricted range of stories?? I'm so over it. Personally, I've never known economic times so bad- even when I was a student on $18/week and the college fees were $21! I guess I didn't live through the 1930s and my memory is just as short as everyone else's. However, on reflection, the journos seem to be far more hysterical than they were when this little bag was only 20 years old!