Thursday, September 18, 2008

StockMarkets are they really a blight on our community

One cannot help but be a little cynical about the current world economic crisis. We seem to go through a crisis about once a decade and we have to begin to believe that the whole thing is contrived.

The economy ahead of a US Presidential election seems to create a Wall Street stagger every 4 years and every second one seems to bring suicidal tendencies to the market.

The advent of futures exchanges allowing brokers to trade trends without ever even considering taking delivery of the "physical" is almost like betting on two flies running up a wall.

Even OPEC has come out and suggested that they believe that there is more than enough Oil in the world for supply at the moment and reduced production accordingly. The oil price has continued to come down.They blamed the traders and indications are that they are correct.

I really think brokers and traders enjoy making these markets move, as any trade for them is a trade and they are making money.

I remember a currency trader in New York in the late "80s who was trading a massive book and was renowned for setting up situations for his own gain in the management of his book. Reuters would even flash the trading floor when he signed in as he was well known for trading against the trader sitting at the next desk, he was known to be so ruthless.

Whilst it is understood that markets can get over heated from time to time, but how much of this is real and how much is contrived and are Governments that slow to understand that they are often lead to fiscal decisions for all the wrong reasons.

I sure do not know the answer but have seen four of these collapses in my working career which has one pondering the question.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Depression - the scourge of the 21st Century

I have to say this type of headline alarms me:- "Tas Premier sacks Wriedt".

The poor woman has been diagnosed with depression and the Premier has been forced to make a decision for not only the good of his Government but also the good of poor Ms Wreidt.

The complete quandary that she has found herself in is going to be extremely difficult for her to cope. I hope and pray that her family and friends can move closer to her right now to assist through this dilemma. Her job is something that she aspired too and for whatever reason her mind has succumbed to this horrible state that seems to be afflicting so many these days.

I look forward this year to "Movember" and will be supporting it aggressively as "Beyond Blue" will be a major benefactor. I do not think we understand "depression" at all well and have watched with interest as I see people cringe and pull away when the word is mentioned.

It is exactly the time when true friends and loved ones need to learn how to support these people.

The Premier of Tasmania did not sack her - he made a decision that will ultimately help. My heart reaches out to Ms Wreidt - fight the good fight my love.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Journalistic Doomsayers

I am so over Journalists who want to stand in front of me on television and tell me that the economy will not recover. We have been through so many of these cycles History books have become best sellers. Certainly we need a period of re-adjustment and I marvel at how often these periods coincide with US Presidential elections.

The whole principle of supply and demand will determine that we will find a way to work through this temporary readjustment of economies - but as we always have we will.

I just think our journalists are so hell bent on getting their ugly faces on TV that they are really capable saying anything for airtime.

Rupert Murdoch once said in a William Queale Memorial Lecture many moons ago - "Governments Come and Governments Go - but business goes on forever"

He is not far wrong just ask the little Chinese bloke who sold Marco Polo Spaghetti.

The only threat I see right now is the Large Hadron Collider which will rachet up its first real experiment on October 21. Really who knows how big the Black Hole might be that is generated. Maybe I will see you in the next Galaxy.

Here is to tomorrow - it will be a beautiful day.