Saturday, August 2, 2008

The effort we spend on everything but ourselves

As many of you know I spend quite a deal of time in the Blogging and Social Networking world.

What has become so powerful in the last little while is we are all very good at sharing business ideas and doing the hard yards in how to run our lives and businesses. We are obsessed with the next new thing, the new technology, we neglect our true spirit.

But what has become very obvious to me in recent times, particularly in the Plurk space, is the caring and sharing aspect of the online community. The friendships that are being nurtured are an awe inspiring experience.

I know how the friends I have on line now discuss lots of different things in such an open manner. The thing however that is standing out for me is the emphasis we place on the business issues and the lack of emphasis on managing ourselves, our fears and emotions even our communication amongst our friends colleagues and loved ones.We speak about them but do we fix them?

The statistical responses to relationship breakdown seem to be spiraling out of control and yet we still pay lip service to healing our core, our soul, our essence, our spirit.Do we really know how to love?

So why do I write on this topic. Well to the outside world I have been a very successful business man and continue to enjoy the challenges that are presented in that part of my life. We are working heavily in E-Learning and Compliance Management as well as through our Company Wise Orange developing our clients web presence in a much more interactive and integrated manner. I thrive on these challenges and enjoy every minute of what I do.

Unfortunately what I have learned is that all the little bits and pieces of our lives we never quite deal with properly finally explode like some giant sore and wow reality bites. Next thing you know you are sitting on your backside saying – “What the @#$% happened”

Well it happened and being the kind of person I am have spent the best part of the last 12 months actually taking a journey through the deepest parts of my life and shock horror what do you find; all this stuff that has been conveniently quarantined under the misapprehension that it will never resurface. Well it does and it bites and it has challenged and threatened everything that I hold dear to me. The absolute consternation that I could have this shit happen to me was totally inconceivable, the paradigms of life that we instill on ourselves that need to be challenged and changed is an important part of our total well being. If we spent as much time and money on teaching our spiritual selves as we spend on our business selves, one would question whether or not the emotional drama and breakdown that seems ever present could either be controlled or eliminated. The disease could be controlled.

The advent of the "self development" world is slowly but surely growing as we understand these things and I believe women appear to have been addressing these issues better than men for sometime but even then the number of women who are addressing these issues remains very small.

The fear that generates is who and where and what will you entrust this training and learning, because, as with any new development it also attracts people who are not qualified or not good at conducting this type of self development course and training.

I was very fortunate that a friend suggested the Hoffman Quadrinity Process a highly commendable process it is as well and through this I was led to Transformed Self or more affectionately TS.

I spoke with Kerri Chinner, a Holistic Therapist in Adelaide who is both a Hoffman Facilitator and TS Facilitator here in Adelaide at Inner Essence about Hoffman and TS and Kerri said she thought I needed to talk to Loreen Visser, a world recognised Hoffman Facilitator and the creator of Transformed Self, or just plain Loz once you get to know her. So I spoke with Loz and signed up to do her live in course Transformed Self Course at a beautiful facility Hesket House north west of Melbourne. I had know idea really what I was going to discover and as I was descending through the beautiful forest to Hesket House can admit to a certain level of fear as to what was I doing (did I really need this stuff) but I knew one thing I had fallen into a pretty big crevice in my life and I was going to climb out of it.

I spent four days on a journey to places I did not even know existed in my spirit, events that had been buried so deep and a rather perverted spin on how life should be. The honesty and care with which I was led on this journey has left me with a new direction and given me a set of keys that I believe will make me the whole person that I had so comprehensively denied for virtually all of my life.Real Men Don't Cry huh.

I stress the experience unlocked a pathway which, with Loz and Kerri here in my hometown, has given me a whole new learning experience. It has challenged the whole paradigm under which I falsely believed I was happy.

As I have listened to my new found friends in the online community about how to run ones business life, and as I listen to people sharing their life frustrations my simple conclusion is, spend more time on the individual not just the physical self but spiritual self. I can only commend the journey on which I have been and invite you to an experience that I have found beneficial. At this time I have been given the keys to a new path, a new light and a new understanding.

I still have challenges and pray that I can rebuild the trust and faith that I have managed to destroy with my loved ones by simply not understanding how to deal with the inner issues that have just festered into something I could not even see.It made for a sick inner self that radiated the wrong message, the wrong attitude those I love.They hopefully will see the inner change.

Do yourself a favour – visit the sites listed and most importantly do not deny the need to seek an inner peace.

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