Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tax on Alcopops - just made the Bad Guys Smile

I cannot believe the lack of imagination amongst our politicians. Putting the price up on Alcopops, as we so happily call them does one thing, increases Government revenue and makes Drugs all the more attractive.
It is simple the drug dealers will be going flat out as the price on their form of poison just became more attractive.
The addict of binge Alcopops will simply change the vehicle of getting there.

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Charlie said...

Alcopops... I reckon if I was 25 again it would be a great fun drink - regardless of price. But since when has putting the price up stopped anyone from using or buying it?

Good call Jimbo. Not sure what they're thinking but I reckon they needed to gather a few more pennies together so they can sort out the (age) pensioner debacle they landed themselves in!!! ie by forgetting them xc