Sunday, April 20, 2008

Australia to become a Republic

What is all the fuss about. We are virtually already there and the rest of the way is really easy. We changed the Privy Council as our highest court of Appeal many years ago. We sure do not want the American Presidential System - what a circus.

Our Governors and Governor General are the caretakers of all matters constitutional. That is the way our Constitution is written.

So leave the Governors to their job. The respective Parliaments should appoint said Governors and they should consider those people for their ability to do that job. The remainder of their role is simple - represent Australia at all appropriate events of State as the a-political head of State. Our Prime Minister and Premiers can represent the elected Political Head Of State.

So how easy is this - duck down the local newsagent - buy a big black texta and simply rule out the Queen. Their we go job is done - chances of us changing much else in our constitution are buckleys and none so what are we waiting for.

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Charlie said...

i agree and also happy with things as they are... we're moving towards independence anyway.... why do we have to make it such a statement? statements are better left for "sorry's" xc