Thursday, April 24, 2008

Anzac Day

Today I attended the dawn service at the War Memorial in Adelaide.
It made for an interesting time to reflect on the conflicts of the past and present. It simply amazes me that we the plebiscite have allowed insane leaders to convince us to go to war.
Power, greed, religion, tribalism seem always to be at the basis of the conflicts we face.
What the hell is wrong with us. The people I know want to live a simple life, caring sharing, working hard to make a buck.I am sure all the people of the world are no different. Why cannot we then simply allow ourselves and the other bloke to just go on about his or her business.
The Koran, the Torah, The old Testament are all primarily the same book, not only do we see followers of these beliefs war with each other, they have a fine history of warring amongst themselves.
Why does Muslim fight Muslim, Christian versus Christian, Tribe versus Tribe. The genocide in Africa and many other countries is just something I do not understand.
It Brings me back to my reflection we as simple beings just want to live in peace.

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Charlie said...

How true is that Jimbo. There's no logic. I'm glad we have a day of honour though. Brings us back together as a community and to share the spirit. xc