Thursday, August 25, 2016


Australia Day being celebrated on the 26th January acknowledging the arrival of Governor Philip and the First Fleet. A group of ships sent with Convicts to be exported by the landed gentry of our British forebears often for crimes so petty it makes one weep.

I am a proud Aussie, so let's get that out of the way right up front. I regret the horrendous acts our forefathers committed against the indigenous population of our Country. I can comprehend that the Aboriginal People of this country are also unhappy that we celebrate the day we confiscated their homeland and claimed it as our own.

So the Fremantle Council has taken a very bold step to seek an alternative. The hue and cry is ringing from the roof tops. 

I just ask, can we all stop and think about this with compassion and empathy. The events in AFL football even in the last week has highlighted a desire of our Community to become the “one mob” and Eddie Betts and Nic Naitanui fantastic your personal responses to situations, that our media would have us become raving antagonists, is magnificent.

We today are a nation of such diverse cultural blend, maybe it is time to sit around the campfire and agree on a day that we can call as a celebration of our future, and yes let us have a new flag that can be truly a reflection of our dreaming of the future. 


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