Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Day The Nodding Dog's Head Fell Off

From the day the announcement of the ASADA enquiry was made, with the football code CEO's and Ministers standing on the podium like good political nodding dog's, the whole thing has been just big waste of everybody's time and money.

We were told of Drugs, Criminal Involvement etc etc etc.........

Despite the confusion as to whether the "banned substances" were even on the ASADA list at the time, whilst listed on the WADA list, the 'wrong' doing seemed to have a lot of question marks surrounding it.

The simple answer at the time was - "You have been warned - the substances are now banned - get caught your gone". Far too much time spent looking over our shoulder than actually fixing the future.

But no, it had to go on and on and it seems the authorities needed to save face and today we have allegations of a deal to just make it go away. Very sad how the whole situation has been handled.

We have had allegations of match fixing in soccer and all of that seems to have vanished in the haze as well.

Between the lot of you it seems to me professional sport has become just a great big Hollywood performance. We the ordinary punter are being treated as "bunnies" and taken for a ride. All of this at what cost?

I just do not get the ineptitude displayed in this whole process and at what cost to us all. Get it together you guys, get it together.

Stay tuned for episode 4,003,221 of this sad story.

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