Sunday, November 24, 2013


Yesterday I was very privileged to be involved in the Way Out West Broadcasters Inc (WOWfm100.5) Outside Broadcast at the Semaphore Mainstreet Fair on Semaphore Road in South Australia.

It just proved to me what a great team we have at WOW, and it is not just about those people who were on site yesterday. Each and every presenter,volunteer and supporter contributes to what our little Community Station represents. Yesterday, we went batting way out of our league, or so we may have thought as the day drew closer. We presented a program that went to air professionally and did what we set out to do, entertained our on-air audience and entertained and engaged our audience in the street.

People were wandering up and telling us how much they enjoyed our station and were recognising the shows they listened to regularly during the week. It only told me that we have a team that takes pride in their presentation every time they flip the mike open on their respective programs. A Technical team that gives us the gear to be able to present this program and a loyal group of volunteers, supporters and listeners.

The day could not have happened if it were not for Station Supporter Jim Papageorgiou and his team at Semaphore Health Foods Store, 56 Semaphore Road, Semaphore. Jim provided the marquis, tressles, chairs and sustenance during the day. We could not have had a better venue for our broadcast position, right on the Corner of Military Road and Semaphore Road. A very big thank you to you.

Hey, I know I had a great day yesterday and am very proud to be allowed to be part of a team of great people at:-

We very successfully took Community Radio right to the Community yesterday. Thank you.

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