Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kevin Rudd

And so it is Kevin Michael Rudd has called his time in the House of Representatives a day. Having been elected as the Member for Griffith in 1998 he has held many positions in the Parliament of Australia including of course as the 26th and 28th Prime Minister.

In reading the tributes and some of the vitriolic rhetoric that has been poured on this man I simply say -  RESPECT.

It matters little now what anyone thinks of his effort in the house. Clearly his constituents were happy having him as their elected representative in the house. Clearly his party was happy to appoint him as our Prime Minister on two separate occasions.

As I have said before Historians will now deal with political life of Kevin Rudd and whether they deal with his reign favourably or otherwise is simply what the wordsmiths of time will say.

I say this, Kevin Rudd had the guts to enter public political life, he fought for what he believed was right. The electorate ultimately judged that performance.

I am reminded what former Lord Mayor of Adelaide The Right Honourable Jim Jarvis commented on at a Luncheon I attended at the Adelaide Town Hall. Presidents of the United States of America retain their title Mr President for life. He was jokingly saying that in his retirement should he not hold his title for life.

Whilst the comment was "marginally" tongue in cheek, the comment has merit. I believe that the respect that should be held for a Prime Minister of this country is undoubted. The average public person cannot even begin to comprehend the pressure of the top job. On that alone I say Thank You Mr Rudd for your service to Australia.

Even Julia Gillard had the courtesy to wish Kevin well for the future even though I believe, as I said in this article "Two Score and Twelve Years Ago", she will be sitting in the privacy of her home with that knowing little smirk on her face thinking well they finally got you too.

Kevin Rudd was never my favourite politician but to Mark Latham and other nay sayers all I can say is have some RESPECT.

Thanks Mr Rudd enjoy your next adventures whatever they may be.

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