Saturday, November 16, 2013

In My Home Town Butterflies are Free

A couple of months ago I wrote about my passion for music and being the Window to The Soul ( Music is definitely a window to the Soul of Susan Lily but it must be listened too as up close and personal as each of Susan's Songs is created. Then, and only then will you get to see the absolute beauty of Susan and her magnificent Music.

The album is called "Butterfly", and each and every track comes from the very heart of the shy little girl from Hay. Like so many kids brought up in the bush of Australia there is an accepting freedom of spirit that simply makes that person a complete and beautiful person, a wonderful friend and a buddy for life. In the same breath it makes that person vulnerable to the competitive opportunism that is almost second nature of those whom live in the city. Until you have been there, the "real bush" of this country I mean, a place of friendship, compassion, comfort, caring and unrelenting bloody hard work, it is a concept and way of life that frankly most people will not be able grasp.

Hay is a little country community pretty much halfway between Sydney and Adelaide. It sits on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River. It is a river that can deliver devastating floods and within a season become devastatingly dry. The region is/was primarily sheep grazing country and the fortunes of the region are dictated by the weather and can go from flood to drought almost as quick as you can say "Susan Lily". This is the stuff that binds a community together, that creates a "mateship" that is Australia.

Listen carefully to the words of "My Hometown" and "Miss You Much" and take the journey from the compulsory ride through the bush on your trail bike to the heartbreak of drought to the friends and family that mean so much.

"Got the Monkey of My Back" is the song that probably convinced Susan she could actually do this 'gig' - writing, performing and recording. When you watch her perform this song live, it kind of fits like that favourite pair of well worn boots and exudes the fun, warmth and comfort that goes with it. It is a lovely song of freedom and new adventure. It is easy for us all to relate as we recall that "Monkey" that we have all needed to shake off at some point in our lives.

The influence of Susan's home town is very much present in the tracks "My Hometown", "Miss You Much" (the homesick Susan) and "A Little Rain". The title track "Butterfly" is kind of the summary song embracing the words of the journey and the vision of the freedom of self as we dance like a "Butterfly" on the winds of life.

The album also has that little bit of tongue in cheek with the song "You Only Kiss Me When You're Drunk"; perhaps a commentary on the wonderful romantic ability of your average true blue "Aussie Bloke".

Hey the album is just a good listen from a great singer and songwriter if that is what you expect from your music. It is also a wonderful journey if you choose to let the songs embrace you.

Susan in "Butterfly" takes you to that place where life can just embrace, protect and love you, and I suspect that is all Susan Lily expects from life.

Do your self a favour track on over to CD Baby and enjoy this magnificent album from the girl from Hay who now calls Adelaide home.

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