Sunday, October 13, 2013

Love Each Other

Last Thursday Night I went along to SCALA at The Light Hotel in the City of Adelaide.

Performing first were Just Us and The Chocolate Eclairs (David J Cronin, Claire Gurry and Clayton Werner). As is the practice of Thursday Nights at The Light Hotel the group performed around three or four songs. There final song was titled "Love Each Other".
David introduced the song and made the point he worked in Childrens' Hospital's and the words of the Chorus he had been privileged to hear from a terminally ill child's letter to her parents.  As the song unfolded the poignancy of the words became very moving, so simple, but oh so powerful.
A number of years ago I had the opportunity of attending a conference at Petrea King's Quest for Life Foundation at Bundanoon on the Southern Tablelands near Sydney, New South Wales. An extraordinary experience to say the least and to be able to say I have met the beautiful Angel, Petrea King, and to say the experience was life changing is a mere under statement. 
So much of what we had touched on at Bundanoon came flooding back and the words written in one of her books "Sometimes Hearts Have to Break" were there again back on stage in front of me. 
If you want to find out more about Petrea King and Quest for Life you can follow this link -
Well having given myself a little time for the lump in my throat to subside and the group had packed up ready for the next act to come on stage I sought out David J Cronin at the bar. 

David advised me he sometimes works as a Clown Doctor (Dr Hugh Moore) and yes he had heard the words in Hospital. The work these people do is just unbelievable and when you consider the tragedy they must see in bringing just a few moments of humour to unwell Children their commitment and dedication is undoubted.

David works through the organisation and the Humour Foundation ( - The Clown Doctors. Can I only commend to you the work that these magnificent people do and the joy they bring to the young in Hospital.

Enough said, time for you to do your bit. Here is the song - tell me as you stop and listen you struggle to stop that little tear appearing in the corner of your eye. Love ya' work David.

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