Saturday, September 28, 2013

Two Score and Twelve Years Ago

In a little town called Barry in Wales, two score and twelve years ago, a red haired baby girl entered the world. On this day a proud Mum and Dad could never have suspected that this little girl would become the twenty seventh Prime Minister of Australia.
I believe history will treat Ms Gillard very kindly. The debacle that saw Ms Gillard challenge the 26th Prime Minister  for the job will be the stuff of wordsmiths for decades to come. I also believe that the action will ultimately be totally vindicated, as the idiosyncrasies of the Australian Labor Party are ultimately exposed and unwound to allow the popularly elected members of the Parliamentary Party to actually do the job for which they are elected.
I believe that the often hinted at autocratic ways and subversive actions of Kevin Rudd, that finally so comprehensively undermined the party machine, will be exposed.
History will treat Julia well and many of the legislative advances that were implemented under her stewardship will be hailed as positive benefits to this nation.
Will she be remembered amongst the Statesmen of our time, Menzies, Hawke and Howard unlikely, but on this her 52nd Birthday I take off my hat to a great politician, our first woman Prime Minister and say well done and wish you a very Happy Birthday.
I am sure in the privacy of your home that quirky little smirk will lighten up your face many times as the truth is ultimately delivered to the World.

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