Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Ok I know I work here but hey I am pretty damned proud to be part of this team.
Residential Installations have been the main focus of our business during the whole rebate and Feed-In Tariff “hurley burley” of the last few months. Of course there are lots of people out there who still are getting outrageous Electricity Bills and the future is still pretty grim with projected increase in prices looking pretty scary. Green Energy solutions such as Photovoltaic Solar Energy are still very attractive and due to competition prices of systems continue to tumble as competition between manufacturer’s heats up.
Love Energy still stands by its main principle of supplying only the highest quality product that will still be generating electricity long after I depart this planet. High quality is really important to understand as if you visit the Desert Knowledge site you will see for yourself why the product we sell down here rates so highly in performance and longevity.
But I started out talking about Commercial Installs and pointing out that we are doing lots more in this space. Commercial takes us into larger scale systems that are not only into standard grid connect systems but also stand alone systems and various hybrids which incorporate diesel back up generation as well.
I can show you some photos of a system we have recently installed at IT Cloud Service provider LogicPlus who are a full on hybrid service as they are not only grid connect but also run generator back ups support for their server rooms at their Head Office
You have to say the photos are pretty impressive.
So need to know more about what Solar can do for you give us a ring here at Love Energy on 1300 LOVEENERGY ( 1 300 568 339 for the uninitiated) and let us help you understand how Solar Power can help you reduce you energy costs and take you into the greener cleaner future.
You will excuse me if from time to time I come back and blog about some of our new conquests but I just LOVE ENERGY.

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