Monday, November 22, 2010


Dear Old Alexander, Maybe he has a bit of the old dog in him after all. His dear old Grandpa Sir John was twice Premier of this fair State and co-author of our Constitution and Senator in the First Federal Parliament.
Today he wrote an article on the Banks and issued a very fine warning on meddling in stuff we do not understand. It is a fine piece which I invite you to read at this link to the "Adelaide Advertiser".
Then we go on to David Suzuki's little chat little chat in Perth in which he challenges the whole principal of economy as we know it. Very Fine speach. Have a look at it here on the ABC site about David Suzuki's Legacy.
Dear Politicians be warned leave well enough alone unless you have the courage to consider reinventing the whole damned thing. If you do not the evil control of our global markets will just take us around and around the same old path.
Courage, Change, Politics - I fear they do not fit in the same sentence.

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