Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It is time to help yourself.

For those who know me they know I have been involved in the Financial Service Industry for over 40 years. During that time the products I have been involved with have been not well known but have provided an exemplary service to those who availed themselves of the product.

I have been reading a report recently that was commissioned by Lifebroker and it portrays a very sad reflection on the Australian attitude to protection of ones loved ones via Life Insurance and Income Protection and unfortunately seems consistent with the experience I have had in my long life in the field.

Australia has weathered the Global Financial Crisis very well and that principle is well documented. However like all downturns when you analyse it and get up close and personal with the facts people have been hurt. Reduction in hours of work, businesses that have failed or chosen to withdraw from this country because of problems at home. All of these things have threatened the very existence of our family life and caused pain. For what amounts to a very small investment this pain can be minimised and yet the report at the Lifebroker's web site shows that we simply are not doing enough to look after ourselves.

Without rambling to much the Financial Services Reform Act that went through the Federal Parliament early this century, certainly helped Australian Financial Institutions manage their way through this minefield quite successfully. It also made certain that professional bodies like "LifeBroker" had the right expertise to ensure that the advice and products offered to you are delivered in the best interests of you the consumer.

Do yourself a favour go and read the report attached to this link and then find out for yourself how simple it it is to get a quote to protect your life and your family and how Income Protection is available for the tough times that come around all too often


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