Monday, February 23, 2009

Poilticians are all pathetic "dweebs"

The article attached here is just one of so many pathetic performances from our Parliamentary geniuses.
You have to know watching our elected representatives performing so poorly is getting to be very tiresome. Equally I find the rather blank look from our frontbenchers when questioned on their portfolio and are so shockingly found out as to their detailed knowledge of their respective portfolios.
Perhaps that is why we never actually do anything constructive from a decision making point of view.But our erstwhile Government prancing around giving money away instead of really spending it on long term beneficial infrastructure projects (like capturing flood waters and diverting it to the inland river systems.
I am so tired of being sucked in and manipulated by the Financial Power Brokers of the world who clearly have the power and money to manipulate markets whichever way they want.
Clearly we are totally at the whim of major power brokers who seem to have their way with these parliamentary pawns whom have been elected to manage and administer on behalf of the electorate.
So stop the school yard antics - remember who put you in power and stop wasting time with schoolyard bullying tactics. You are actually giving "dweebs" a bad name.

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Rowan Timms said...

Jimbob.... very interesting BLOG, and views,....we MUST have a few glasses of wine together one