Thursday, January 29, 2009

Whyalla solar project set to shine

This article in the Adelaide Advertiser a bit over twelve months ago seems like a highly topical issue right now.

The principles of Solar Power generation in this world of "Green Power" and at a time when loads in this State (South Australia) have put the system seriously to the test with somewhat disappointing results. The system will allow generation for Base Load requirements and peak load requirements and therefore assist in allaying the problems that we have experienced in this heat wave. What more can you say in this State where temperatures have soared into the 40C/100F category everyday this week and seem destined to do so for some days to come what better generation technique do we want.

The other sad part of this is the word desalination appears as a very minor corollary to this article. I saw an early feasibility on this study about nine years ago and in that the power generated had largely already been committed to the big Steel producers in the region. But here is the rub, the freshwater recovery from the process was projected to not only supply the City of Whyalla but turn the Morgan Whyalla Pipeline around. The removal of the drain on the River Murray alone was surely sufficient incentive to proceed. To mirror (excuse the pun) this project would lay the ground for many such similar plants around the coast of Australia generating Green Power and solving the water shortages in so many parts of this country.

This link will give some more insight into this technology as well.

A parting question however, I have heard nothing more of this project since this article, what has happened?


Charlie said...

the thing is - we are in a national system... and the reason for load shedding has been mainly due to the Basslink problem. not SA infrastructure.

we have the peakiest demand requirement and i would suggest that ANY system would be put under strain when at the maximum of it's own limits...

i'm not saying what your saying is wrong - not at all - but i am saying that it's unfair to point fingers this week cause ANY system woudl have struggled - probably even solar!! xc

JimBob51 said...

It is fair to say the author is being a tad opportunistic in writing this at this moment. The science of load shedding is certainly way beyond my comprehension. It just strikes me however,that this project has been around since the turn of the century. The generation of Green electricity with the bi product of fresh water in the driest state in the driest continent has seen procrastination at its bureaucratic best as far as I am concerned. Maybe a blog on the Basslink problem maybe very informative for those who simply do not understand the issue at all.