Friday, November 14, 2008


Well it has happened I have been tagged. My really good "friend" Kat has kindly dobbed me in.

My first task is to shout her blog and indeed her blog is always a great read. "As Kat Knits" so that is achieved.

I guess that is a good place to start as many of my timeline friends seem to be members of that powerful online group the "knitters" of USA. I have to say I really enjoy my Plurk Buddies As I complete this blog I also have to tag 6 more friends to their turn - that may prove difficult as lot of the blogs I read have already been tagged but we will have a little bit of an Aussie flavour.

So to those I tag understand the rules.
#1 Shout your taggers blog
#2 5 Interesting facts about yourself
#3 Tag six more blogs

Having achieved Task #1 the tough bit starts - five interesting facts about me. I actually find myself a bit of a boring workaholic but do love reading current affairs even if at times I get a bit frustrated with our politicians and others who will not accept that we all have a right to our opinion. Compromise is the hardest art of life.

1. Reading as much as I do, and researching the facts behind what I read, make me the repository for all kinds of trivia that mean absolutely nothing to most people. I do enjoy Trivia Nights, not as to whether I win or lose, but they send me scurrying to Google to find out more about the questions I could not answer, Also my work saw me needing to have a reasonable working knowledge across many different industries,as such feel like I sound like some kind of know it all at times. Must learn to shut up.

2. Was reading TopSurf blog and sport came up. Unlike Top Surf have to say I was/am a sporting klutz - my claim to fame was being the Stroke of a schoolboy lightweight four. At least sitting in a boat meant I would not trip over my own feet. Scary thing not sure what happened in the last 40 years from the mere 9 stone I weighed then to now is a bit scary. Any way I have lost a fair bit of the middle aged spread recently and working hard to lose more.

Funny thing went onto become a sport administrator and was President of our State Baseball league for a while having an affiliate relationship with the LA Dodger organisation.

3. Was once an "innocent" little choir boy and sang in the St Peter's Cathedral choir for many years. My last claim to fame in that era was singing as a Boy Soprano in "The Play of Daniel"in the Adelaide Festival of Arts. As a result of my youthful career in Music have very broad taste claim to enjoy music from Beethoven to Techno. Joined a band in the late sixties only because a bunch of mates wanted to play in competition - they did not have bass guitarist so went and learned bass. Did not win but got a bit of work for a year or so.

4. Have always been a sucker for a cause -love writing to politicians and trying to keep the bastards honest. Have been involved in fund raising and for many years managed the Cash Collection Centre for one of our Telethons. Still involved in many Causes and one of the Blogs I write is I am a bit middle of the road and believe we should always try to be fair to both sides of an argument. Nothing will get me going more than intolerance of the right of each of us to have a point of view. There needs to be a greater desire to seek compromise of many different opinions.

I still remain involved through my letters and blogs as well as being a Director of our South Australian Multiple Sclerosis Society. Have retreated a little having been on the board of Multiple Sclerosis Australia as well.

5. Basically I just love my family, my friends and life and struggle with the apathy of the world. Maybe have tried to hard and not stopped to smell the roses along the way. Maybe at times a little too intense. As such have affected my own life badly in recent times both in health and life goals. The health issue has seen me lose some of what I love the most and some days get a bit melancholy on those mistakes. I am very fortunate to have so many great friends and look forward to hopefully meeting more of my online friends face to face over the next year. A big event coming my way soon when I become a Grandfather officially for the first time just after Christmas. Have been what a I call a surrogate Grandpa for quite a while to my God Daughters Children (very spoilt I am) but very exciting times ahead.

I relax today with my camera and share some of that from time to time.

Now the big task who to tag - well here goes:

1. Charlie says....
2. If I have Charlie have to have "Odi's Ramblings"
3. Then of course there is Ozegold
4. So if I have Alan have to have Don White
5. Then there is the MadGoatLady god love her
6. Last but not least there is SuperGran

So there you have it,that is JimBob51 who will have one litte plug for his current project fund raising for Men's Health Awareness through Movember call into my MoPage and feel free to donate it is for a good cause.My Registration Number is 1341061


TopSurf said...

Fantastic, I am so glad you were tagged and now I'm going to add your blog to my blog roll! It's great learning something new about the people you see daily on Plurk.

Anonymous said...

Jim, I loved reading your post, and I could hear you speaking to me as I read it.

I feel blessed to have met you via the internet, you have a tender heart, and an open mind.

I am honored to call you friend.

Marissa said...

Wow. Ok. So, I feel like a real ignatz reading your blog and then going back and reading my blathering. Bravo!
I just updated my blog roll and guess who is on it? (Although, I have few readers.)

ChrisB said...

Hi Jim I've recently been tagged for this one so it might be a bit difficult to do it again so soon-however I'll do a post and maybe bend the rules!

Charlie said...

My response great man!! xc