Tuesday, August 19, 2008


It is really interesting that more and more articles are being written about online etiquette when it comes to spruiking ones product or service. The advent of the social networking world and the continual desire on how to monetize it (i.e. make a buck) is slowly being understood.

The use of the social network to “spam” the community is being frowned upon from great heights amongst the user community. The use of Blogs as something more than a place to just vent but to deliver real messages and services without paying homage to the rules of community and the etiquette of interaction will only be met with the same fate as the Junk Mail we get on email or in our letterbox.

Whenever a service or product is sold the basic rules of “need satisfaction” are the rules that identify the great salesperson vs the “snake oil” salesperson.
The “Unique Selling Proposition” of our product or service has to be delivered in such a manner that is respectful of the old “wiifm” (what’s in it for me) rules.

The new age approach to communication continues to evolve daily and the respect that we must show the online community does not vary in anyway from the respect we demand in real life.

It has become more obvious that the successful Social Networking sites are seeing more and more people come out from behind nom de plume’s and identify the real person, contactable friendly and open minded. Heated debate is encouraged and understood provided however it is fair and inline with the common Human respect that we demand in person.If we want people to listen to us then we equally we must learn that we must participate and communicate with the people we are talking to. Fly buy letter box drops online will meet the same fate as the real life experience, filed at ankle level.

The evolution over the last few months has been quite astonishing and at last our community is coming to terms with a responsible forward direction.Online accesses so much more information and so many more people and the rules must be understood and obeyed - I think we are slowly but surely catching on.

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